How Can Microsoft 365 Copilot Boost Your Productivity at Work?

Starting this week, Microsoft 365 customers have the opportunity to upgrade some or all of their licenses to experience its latest AI Assistant, Copilot. It’s a generative AI tool designed specifically for Microsoft 365 (office) applications and services and made in collaboration with Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT. Copilot will work alongside other Microsoft… Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Office Credenzas: Types, Uses, and Benefits

Defining the Office Credenza Have you ever wondered, “What is an office credenza, and how does it differ from other office furniture?” Originating as a staple in dining rooms for dish storage, the office credenza has evolved into a multipurpose piece of furniture. It’s typically characterized by a long, low cabinet, often accompanied by sliding… Read More


Are You Using the Office Interiors eInfo Self-Serve Portal?

What is eInfo? eInfo is Office Interiors’ self-serve portal, allowing users to streamline their service requests, monitor supply orders, and gain insights into their service history—all in one centralized platform. Keep reading to learn more about how you can start using e-info for simplified management. What are the Benefits of Using eInfo? Enter your own… Read More


Essential Features Every Boardroom Should Have

At the heart of strategic decision-making, the boardroom serves as the epicentre where ideas take shape, deals are solidified, and the future is shaped. What once exclusively hosted board meetings for business owners, C-suite executives, and stakeholders has evolved into a flexible space. Today, the boardroom extends its functionality, accommodating team meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions,… Read More

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How Will AI Affect the Future of Office Design?

As technology continues to evolve and transform our lives, it also significantly impacts how we work. Offices were once endless rows of desks and cubicles, and now they’ve transformed into a central hub where employees can come to work when they’re not at home. Tech-driven work areas, collaboration zones and flexible spaces are all standard… Read More


Mitigating Security Threats: Keeping Your Multi-Function Printer Secure with Ricoh

With cyber threats on the rise, print security is an area that is often overlooked but has become an essential concern for businesses across the board. While printers were once perceived as low-maintenance and relatively safe devices, they have evolved into more than simple output devices that power business workflows and document management. These sophisticated… Read More


Do You Need a Headrest on your Office Chair?

Choosing the ideal task chair involves considering numerous features and options, and one of the most debated features is the headrest. Some argue that it is essential for comfort and proper posture, while others claim it’s unnecessary. So, do you really need a headrest on your office chair? Let’s dive into the great task chair… Read More

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Eliminating Risk: Why Data Destruction Is Crucial Before Disposing Your Old Copier

When disposing of old copiers, many overlook a crucial step: data destruction. As copiers reach the end of their life cycle, ensuring that all sensitive information stored on them is completely erased is essential. Failure to do so can pose significant security risks, including potential data breaches and legal consequences. What is Data Destruction? Understanding… Read More


The Guide to Using One-Stop Service Solution Providers for Office Fit-Outs & Renovations

Are you considering setting up a new office or renovating your existing one? With so many tasks to juggle, from coordinating the move to selecting furniture to installing technology systems and creating a functional layout, it can be overwhelming to try and coordinate multiple service providers. That’s where a one-stop shop comes in – a company… Read More

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