A smooth Transition: How Avaya Cloud Office Became the Solution for Allsco and Alweather Windows & Doors

The Foundation Allsco Windows & Doors and Alweather Windows & Doors are sister companies in Atlantic Canada that specialize in providing and installing high-quality windows and doors for residential and commercial properties. They have been using a Panasonic PBX Phone System for over 12 years, but since Panasonic was exiting the phone business, they were… Read More

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Designing for Acoustics

Effective acoustical design may be invisible to most people, but the benefits are easy to see. Whether you’re supporting individual tasks or group interactions, acoustics has the potential to enhance the user experience. Organizations can unlock the potential of space design with a thoughtful acoustics plan to enhance well-being—leading to healthier, engaged, and high-performing employees.

What is covered?
Based on original Haworth research as well as secondary sources, this guide is an in-depth look at the trends, insights, applications, and solutions for creating a landscape of acoustically balanced spaces.

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Return to Work(Place): Our Point of View

When you download our whitepaper, Return to Work(Place): Our Point of View, you’ll discover Haworth’s perspective of how the working world has been forever changed by COVID-19 and what they feel the new normal will be.

The whitepaper covers how this new normal will impact:

floorplans and organization design
organizational culture
workplace affordances
and more

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The Office Interiors Experience Moving to O365

Where we were before Microsoft 365 At Office Interiors, we had hosted Exchange server on-premise with maintenance support by our IT provider.  In total we had 100 Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office suite users, using a variety of versions (2003, 2007, 2013).  We found our hosted Exchange became more unreliable and problematic, leading to, on… Read More

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Workplace Design Tips for Well-Being

The focus of discussion has started to shift from looking to improve productivity by making workplaces more “fun” towards taking a broader look at employee physical and mental health.  By creating a workspace that promotes an enduring state of well-being, employers can help their teams become healthier, happier and more productive. This short two-page read… Read More


Calculating the Return on Investment for Ergonomic Interventions

When you download our whitepaper, Return on Investment for Ergonomic Interventions, you’ll discover why an ergonomic investment can achieve an average ROI of between 3:1 and 15:1 and how a certified ergonomist determines whether or not a project was succesful. You will also be presented with examples of actual ergonomic interventions and the measurable results achieved by the… Read More


Moveable Walls and Raised Floors: Optimizing Adaptable Workspaces to Meet Changing Business Needs

When you download our whitepaper, Moveable Walls and Raised Floors: Optimizing Adaptable Workspaces to Meet Changing Business Needs, you’ll learn how the interactions between buildings, people and organizations can affect one another and the bottom line. This white paper will address many of the routine issues that must be considered when designing a space including: Acoustics Ergonomics Efficiency Costs  It will… Read More