How Westford Nursing Home Will Save $20,000 in 3 Years with Avaya On-Premise System

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Established as a non-profit long-term care home, Westford Health Nursing Centre Inc. prides itself on providing top-notch care for its 30 residents in Port Elgin, New Brunswick.

The Problem

Westford Nursing Home faced a challenge with its outdated and expensive phone system. They couldn’t go without a phone system because it is essential for communication and continuity of care in and outside the nursing home. At the same time, they were interested in identifying opportunities to save on expenses and redistribute that money to enhance residents’ experience.

“We had an archaic phone system, and due to that, we were being charged for multiple lines” Ryan, Executive Director at Westford Health Nursing Centre Inc.

The Need

Recognizing the need for a cost-effective yet reliable phone system, they searched for a solution to streamline communication processes without compromising the quality of their service and breaking the bank.

The Solution

Ryan connected with Denise LeBlanc, our account manager, who not only presented them with the opportunity to upgrade their telephone system but also significantly reduce their telephone expenses.

Conducting a thorough review of Westford’s phone system and bill, Denise highlighted the potential savings of transitioning to an On-Premise system. Her comprehensive cost analysis made the decision to proceed with the proposal a no-brainer.

The Process

Denise’s knowledge and expertise on Avaya’s technology proved invaluable throughout the process. Ryan said, “Denise was present, consistent, quick to respond, and supportive, ensuring a seamless transition to the new system. She provided exemplary customer service.”

After installation, Ryan added that the Service Technicians provided on-site education. The instruction sheet provided with the Avaya On-Prem systems was also helpful to educate their staff on the new phone system.

The Result

The Avaya On-Prem phone system has greatly improved communication at Westford Nursing Home, providing real cost savings and making operations more efficient.

When we asked Ryan what his favourite part of this project was, he said the cost-saving projection. As for the feature of the Avaya system that has been most beneficial to the organization, he responded that the ability to transfer calls while on the phone to the proper person or department has proven to be very efficient.

“We have been using the new phone system for a few months now and are pleased with it. I was very pleased with the entirety of our relationship with Office Interiors and would recommend them to any business considering a change to their phone system.”Ryan MacDonald

Cost Saving Projection

Westford Health Nursing Centre Inc. will achieve a Return On Investment (ROI) within the first three years with their Avaya On-Prem System, demonstrating its effectiveness as a valuable investment.

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Fola Adedeji
Marketing Coordinator 
Office Interiors

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