A smooth Transition: How Avaya Cloud Office Became the Solution for Allsco and Alweather Windows & Doors

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The Foundation

Allsco Windows & Doors and Alweather Windows & Doors are sister companies in Atlantic Canada that specialize in providing and installing high-quality windows and doors for residential and commercial properties. They have been using a Panasonic PBX Phone System for over 12 years, but since Panasonic was exiting the phone business, they were at risk of having hardware failure without access to service support and replacement parts for their phones.

The Need

To avoid having an unsupported communication system, they contacted Office Interiors to help find a reliable and up-to-date phone system that could support both companies’ 50 employees across eight locations.

The Decision

Working with Office Interiors to find a product to meet their needs, they were offered Avaya Cloud Office VoIP phones. Initially, they were hesitant about the VoIP system, having heard horror stories about them in the past. They were shown the features and benefits of Avaya Cloud and assured that they would receive plenty of support alongside their office phone system. After reading positive VoIP reviews online and seeing the excellent services offered by Avaya, they decided to upgrade to Vaya Cloud Office.

 The Process

 The implementation process was smooth and efficient. For Allsco’s two offices, the setup was quick and flawless, taking only a month to complete the setup of their new phone office from the point of contact to setting up their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and getting their new phone setup configured with all the users.

Since Alweather has six locations with more phone numbers and only one office with an IVR, a 20-year-old Nortel System, the setup took longer. Despite the challenges and complexities of their old existing phone systems, Office Interiors got them up and running with their new Avaya phone system.

The Result 

Allsco Windows & Doors and Alweather Windows & Doors were highly pleased with the service provided and voiced satisfaction with the new phone system, giving multiple reasons, including:

  • The additional features such as eFax and an app that could be downloaded on PCs and smartphones. This allows their external salespeople to never miss an internal call as they have the app installed, and it also ensures that communication can continue during power outages.
  • The online portal analytics area showed detailed data on all calls, including the call type and performance. This helps them analyze the quality of their calls, identify any problems, and get support from Avaya which is quick and easy via the chat portal.
  • The use of one phone system by both companies makes it easy to call each other by dialling an extension number.

The representative from Allsco and Alweather expressed their gratitude to Office Interiors and Avaya for making the upgrade seamless and painless, making it a great investment for their business.

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Fola Adedeji
Marketing Coordinator 
Office Interiors

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