20 Ways You Can Benefit from Your Office Design [Infographic]

Ergonomics Productivity

As working professionals, we spend most of our lives in an office environment. However, have you thought about the ways your office can impact how you work?

A recent survey conducted by Capital One found that 90% of professionals believe that employees would feel engaged if their employers invested in well designed office spaces. Studies show that an office design, whether it is the traditional cubicle layout or a flexible office format, can impact the way people think, feel, and behave.

A well-designed office environment can make it easy for people to work together on projects, engage in creative thinking,  and overall have a more positive attitude of their environment. Features such as wall colour and lighting fixtures can provide benefits that include improved sleep, higher concentration, and reduced stress — all important factors in an office.

For more insight on the potential benefits to gain from an office space, check out the below courtesy of BigRentz.

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