What is Flexible Office Design & How Can It Improve Productivity?


What is Flexible Office Design & How Can It Improve Productivity?

A growing trend in many modern offices, flexible office design offers an innovative alternative to the traditional office space. By doing away with conventional cubicle workspaces, flexible office design typically features a more open and comfortable work environment.

This is primarily facilitated using multipurpose furniture. The open office layout typically used in a flexible office design encourages teamwork and collaboration by providing non-confined workspaces to employees.

This free-flowing work atmosphere can be further expanded with comfortable sitting areas, which facilitates the opportunity for brainstorming and relaxed engagement with colleagues.

Enhance Your Flexible Workspace with Multipurpose Furniture

At first glance, flexible office design can appear to increase the potential for increased office noise and other distractions often found in open workspaces. However, this sort of issue can be avoided by equipping your flexible office space with versatile, multipurpose furniture and privacy-enhancing systems.

Having multipurpose furniture in your office will allow employees to create more private workspaces because versatile furniture allows spaces to be easily altered and reconfigured as needed to accommodate each employee’s preferences and work styles.

3 Simple Solutions to Boost Productivity

Moveable Screens

Moveable Screens can be used to simplify the creation of temporary private spaces. These screens can be easily moved and reconfigured as team member gather for an impromptu meeting. Moveable screens are an excellent low-cost option for creating a defined area for temporary meeting spaces, or for accommodating the needs of employees who require a more secluded workspace to focus.

Sound Masking Systems

Sound Masking Systems offer another simple and inexpensive remedy for distractions caused by a busy workplace by effectively reducing unwanted background noise and increasing auditory privacy.

A sound masking system won’t eliminate all background noise, but it will remove distinct sounds like the human voice, rendering that loud phone call across the room unintelligible and no longer a nuisance to an employee trying to focus on their work.

In addition to limiting distractions that may impede an employee’s ability to focus on their work, creating a workspace that endorses auditory privacy is essential to ensuring customer confidentiality.

While maintaining the privacy of customer information is, of course, important in any company, the privacy provided by sound masking systems can be an especially crucial need in industries such as healthcare and finance, where protecting a client’s personal information is an absolute necessity.

Modular Furniture

A growing team or evolving workplace shouldn’t demand significant renovation expenses. Modular Furniture is an essential option to consider when creating a flexible office space. The very nature of modular furniture makes it highly customizable so that you can piece together a modern and practical office layout that is easily adjusted and reworked while eliminating the hassle and expense of major renovations or purchasing of new furniture.

This is because modular furniture often requires only a few additional parts to be added or removed for them to transform and adapt to suit a company’s changing needs. If your company relocates, pack up your modular furniture and take your office with you to your new location.

Is Flexible Office Design Really Worth It?

Implementing these solutions will provide your company with practical, inexpensive answers to some of the potential pitfalls of transitioning to flexible office design.

By providing both an open environment as well as the option for privacy, flexible office design allows companies to offer a modern layout where everyone can perform their best.

As companies grow, these sorts of features prove incredibly cost-effective because they allow organizations to quickly redesign their floor plans without the considerable investments of time, money, or resources that are associated with typical renovations.  

Having versatile furniture that can be easily adapted to suit various needs, both individual and collective, is a growing necessity for the modern office space. Flexible office design is becoming increasingly popular in many offices due to its emphasis on collaboration and comfort, creating an environment where creativity, communication, and teamwork can flourish.

Transitioning to a flexible office layout enables companies to maximize their employees’ productivity, comfort, and satisfaction at work with ease.

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Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
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