Should You Get A Mailing System For Your Office?

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Are you still doing all your office mailing the traditional way? Handwriting each address, applying postage to envelopes or parcels one at a time and then sealing each using any means necessary? Could your business benefit from adding an automated and streamlined mailing system to your office workflow? 

Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful world of Office Mailing Systems.  These systems will save your business countless hours in productivity, reduce the number of mailing errors that can occur and they will ultimately save your business money.

Keep reading to discover what exactly a mailing system is, why you should consider getting one, how to choose the best system for your office, and some of the key features of the mailing system. 

We hope that you’ll gain a better understanding of whether or not adding mailing systems to your office is right for your business.

What Is A Mailing System?

Basically a mailing system acts as a self-contained mail room. The device combines a digital postage meter printer with powerful tracking and analytic software to simplify weighing, postage, mailing, and shipping for businesses. 

Mailing systems eliminate the need for manual mailroom personnel by maximizing the productivity of all in-house mailing resources. Mailing systems automate and expedite the:

  • Preparation
  • Processing
  • Output &
  • Delivery of your outgoing mail

With a wide range of mailing machines for all your needs, it’s easy to see how they could benefit a business of any size.

Why Should You Get a Mailing System?

Here at Office Interiors, we use Quadient, formerly known as Neopost for all our mailing needs. They have a wide selection of machines to meet the needs of businesses big or small, but why should you consider getting a mailing system?

For starters, there is the matter of the major savings involved. Quadient’s integrated solution can save you 28% on domestic shipping with Canada Post and upwards of 40% on all international shipping options. No matter the size of your business, those really are major savings.

Additionally, when you integrate mailing systems into your office you can assure your mail gets the correct amount of postage the first try. This means no more rejected or returned parcels, no longer will you pay overage fees for packages at the post office, and most importantly no more unnecessary stress.

Mailing systems have been proven to speed up the mailing process going through the postal system, they increase security when opening, scanning and tracking all your sensitive documents, and your mail can also be customized and handled in a fluid, controlled and economical manner.

How Do I Pick The Right Mailing System?

Before we give you a definitive answer to picking the right mailing system for your business, we first need to evaluate your current mailing situation with a few questions.

  • What are you sending?
  • How many pieces of mail are you sending?
  • How often are you sending?
  • How much time is spent sending?
  • How many returns do you get?

The answers to these questions will help to determine what the costs are on your current mailroom production and these answers will determine which type of machine is best suited for you.

What Type of Mailing System Should You Get?

Depending on the scale of your mailing needs there are a plethora of options to meet your business needs. 

Small Business

  • 15-30 envelopes per day
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Hand-fed 
  • Non-sealing

Designed with small offices in mind, there is the entry-level mailing system that is a perfect way to access all the benefits of a mailroom without the added cost. This compact size machine allows you to weigh, rate and print postage all without even touching the console. Once you weigh your envelope, simply insert it into the printing path and watch as the correct postage is automatically calculated and printed onto your label.

Mid to High-Level Business

  • 30-200 envelopes per day
  • Semi-Automatic to Fully Automatic
  • Load ‘N’ Go Auto Feeder
  • Purchased or Leased
  • Added features for High Volume mailing

This intelligent operating system has a simple to use navigation menu that puts to the occasional user in control. Thus, eliminating errors and improving productivity with an abundance of smart functions and menu prompts. Are you need to process different sizes and shapes of envelopes? Not a problem for the Load ‘n” Go Auto Feeder. 

Production Level Business

  • 200+ envelopes per day
  • Internet access
  • Online postal expense management
  • Dynamic Weighing
  • Differential Weighing
  • Automated Low Ink Alerts

Designed to be the next generation of mailing systems. These machines set the new standard for user experience, efficiency and productivity. Automatically measure, weigh, rate, meter, seal and stack large amounts of mail in a matter of minutes. With the ability to process over 300 envelopes per minute, this is the perfect choice for your production level mail.

Simplify Your Business with Mailing Systems

These versatile and integrated letter mail and parcel processing machines are the authority in mail centre management. No matter the level of production in your office you can depend on these mail and ship stations to bring your mail, parcels, documents and postage funds together into one powerful package. 

This is just one of the many ways in which you can improve productivity within your business. If you are interested in learning how to incorporate cutting-edge technology and devices into your business, check out our Trends in Technology Guide that could help grow your business!

No matter where you are in the process of deciding to add a new mailing system into your business, we have got you covered. Our team of office technology experts are ready to answer any of your questions and determine the best machine suited for your business. 

Cody Turner

Digital Content Specialist

Office Interiors