Should You Buy a Mesh Task Chair? [Pros & Cons]


Mesh Task Chair Pros & Cons

It pays to take your time when selecting new furniture for the office. After all, you will likely be spending more time in that task chair than you do anywhere else. That desk will quickly become like a second home, and you’ll come to know intimately every nook, cranny, blemish, and corner.

That’s why it is so important to find a task chair that you’ll not only be comfortable to sit on but one that will also enhance your productivity. It needs to keep you happy even when the pressure is on at work.

With a thinner profile and a modern look, mesh task chairs are the choice for many offices. They appear a little more casual, which is a growing trend in design and can increase productivity.

The question is, are mesh task chairs comfortable? Is it worth your investment? We’ll take a close look at the pros and cons of the mesh task chair so you can make the right choice for your office.

What is a Mesh Task Chair?

The mesh chair is a recent addition to the office. It first burst onto the scene in 1994 with the iconic Herman Miller Aeron task chair. The Aeron chair seemed to be everywhere – from boardrooms to movie sets, to Silicon Valley.

Surprisingly, the Herman Miller Aeron chair wasn’t designed for the office. Bill Stumpf, a designer with Herman Miller, built the Aeron chair for the elderly. The mesh backing, which the Aeron Chair has since become known for, kept older users comfortable even if they sat for long periods.

Not surprisingly, the comfort features Stumpf designed into the chair made it perfect for office workers. Since then, it has become quite popular to create chairs with mesh backing. 

As popular as mesh task chairs have become, they are not for everyone. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of mesh for task chairs.

Mesh Task Chairs Pros

It’s rarely difficult to sell someone on a mesh chair, the chair usually does that on its own, but we’ve broken out four of the top reasons why we see people flocking to mesh chairs.

Breathable Comfort

Unlike leather and upholstery, mesh is a very breathable material. It lets air pass, even when you are seated for a long time. Your back and legs won’t get that sweaty, cramped feeling you have with other chairs.

Sitting on Air

Many users enjoy the airy stretch of mesh seating. A soft mesh feels smooth. With the right tension, it stretches to accommodate the user like no other seating material. It feels like you are floating in the air as you work.

Easy Maintenance

Mesh chairs are much lighter and can be quickly moved around the office as needed. They are also easy to maintain. A spill on the seat can usually be cleaned up with a soapy rag.

Modern Appeal

The mesh design has an open, modern look and slender profile making it a bold choice for many offices. Smaller, more open offices find it easy to accommodate a mesh task chair, rather than the blocky, thick leather and upholstery task chairs.

Mesh Task Chairs Cons

As mesh chairs explode in popularity and more users are exposed to them for extended periods, the number of criticisms with the finish has also grown.  Here are a few of the most poignant:

Uncomfortable Mesh

As comfortable and fresh as the mesh chairs can be, it can also be abrasive. Some users find that it can damage clothes after prolonged use. The mesh is a man-made material, and some users find it to be an irritant. We suggest purchasing a high-quality mesh material to reduce irritation and increase comfort.

Sagging Support

Some users and designers note that it is difficult to design a mesh seat that provides both comfort and support. Over time, the mesh may lose elasticity and begin to sag leading to uncomfortable sitting.

Painful Sitting

Some companies will use a harder, tighter mesh to increase the life of the chair. The harder mesh won’t sag, but it won’t provide the same level of comfort. Without the give, most of your weight will be on your tailbone making it difficult to sit for an extended period.

Limited Design

Accommodating the mesh will limit the design options for the task chair. There are also fewer options for colour, making it difficult to make a bold statement or personalize the office.

A Final Word on the Pros and Cons of Mesh Task Chairs

As always, everyone who uses a mesh task chair may find a different experience. One user may find it strange, uncomfortable, and drafty. Another user may love the refreshing and relaxing feel.

Hopefully, the pros and cons of mesh task chairs we’ve assembled here will help you as you begin to design your dream office. Before selecting a chair, you should talk to the experts or take one for a spin. After all, it may be a choice you have to live with for years.

Now that you have picked your finish, have you picked your chair?  We reviewed the best task chairs available!

Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
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