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Are you considering a Herman Miller Aeron task chair for your home or office? Our comprehensive task chair reviews provide you with all the information you need.

In this article, you’ll get a rundown from user reviews and third-party information, not merely our opinion. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision on this classic and iconic task chair.

While we do sell task chairs at Office Interiors, we haven’t let that influence this review. Our goal is to help you find the right chair for your needs. As much as possible, we’ve kept our opinions out of these Aeron chair reviews or any of our other task seating reviews.

Specs of the Aeron Task Chair

The best-selling office chair offered by Herman Miller, the Aeron task chair uses a Pellicle woven textile with two different elastic materials for the seat and backrest. This provides breathable comfort and support without the need for traditional padding or upholstery.

The Aeron task chair comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large. Their specs include:

Small Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 38.5”
  • Seat Height: 14.75”– 19”
  • Width: 25.75”
  • Depth: 16”

Medium Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 41”
  • Seat Height: 16”– 20.5”
  • Width: 27”
  • Depth: 75”

Large Aeron Task Chair

  • Total Height: 43”
  • Seat Height: 16”– 20.5”
  • Width: 28.25”
  • Depth: 5”

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The Aeron task chair can also offer several additional customization options. On the backrest, you can select the Basic Back Support, the Adjustable Lumbar Support, or the PostureFit Sacral Support to provide support for the spine when seated. This helps to combat fatigue.

You can also select height-adjustable or fully adjustable arms. The arms come in both leather and standard material. A tilt limiter with seat angle option is also available to limit the recline range between completely upright and reclined.  

The standard chair comes with a 2.5-inch Carpet Caster wheel. An upgrade option provides 2.5-inch hard floor or carpet roll-away resistant caster with Quiet Roll technology. All new Aeron task chairs come with a 12-year warranty and 30-day No Hassle Returns.

Key Features of the Aeron Task Chair

Many users cite the unique Pellicle woven suspension as a critical reason for selecting the Aeron office Chair. The Pellicle textile is a patented Herman Miller product and provides both support and comfort. The Pellicle textile is breathable, unlike the standard upholstery on task chairs.

This eliminates the hot spots that can occur with other chairs and provides comfortable support.

Herman Miller Task Chair review

Pros and Cons of the Aeron Task Chair

Many reviewers cite the Aeron task chair as one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. This is important for anyone who spends a significant amount of time sitting. Programmers, office workers, accountants, and anyone who must spend long periods sitting will appreciate this chair.

Users of the chair find it not only provides a comfortable sitting experience but they also report that it helps posture. The Aeron task chair eliminates the aches and pains that commonly occur after extended sitting. It can stop back pain and sciatica problems that are typical of office work. Some users report feeling better after moving the Aeron chair.

According to task chair reviews, the seat is also highly adjustable. If you do feel aches and pains after extended use, fine-tune the chair to a more comfortable position to help alleviate the pain.

One reported problem of the Aeron office chair is the price. Herman Miller reviews often cite cost as a common complaint. For what is generally a simple design that hasn’t changed in years, you will pay a premium price.

Another problem commonly reported in Aeron chair reviews is broken parts. As it is fully adjustable, the many moving parts and pieces will sometimes break. The mechanics of the chair will stop working, which often happens with the lumbar support or the arms of the chair.

Common Drawbacks of the Aeron Task Chair

Adjustability is one the primary reason people buy an Aeron chair. It can also be one of the central problems with the chair. A common drawback cited in the reviews is the adjustable arms on the chair. They will move down if you put too much weight on them. This can be a problem if you push yourself out of the seat.

The arms can also swivel to side. This can be a nice feature, according to the reviewers; but it can also be a problem when they move at the wrong time, especially when shifting in the chair. Some users will complain about the lack of expected support in the chair.

Videos and User Guides of the Aeron Task Chair

You can find user guides and videos online to learn more about the Aeron task chair.  Here is a pretty good one to get you started.

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