Is Zoom Worth Buying?: An In-Depth Review

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When looking for the best video conferencing option for you and your business, look for a platform that provides you with a reliable and convenient way to contact clients and manage a team through remote meetings effortlessly. 

For some, the best option could be the use of Zoom Meetings, which offers plenty of business-focused features such as cloud recording, online support available 24/7, and multiple video meeting options. 

It would be fair to say that Zoom is currently one of the most popular options available since the COVID-19 crisis began and security concerns around the popular platform have been circulating. We will talk more about Zoom security, additional features on the software, how much it will cost you, and whether or not Zoom is worth buying.

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How Secure is Zoom?

When COVID-19 forced many businesses to find new ways to stay connected whilst they work from home, Zoom had to meet that demand fast. And while it is admirable at how well Zoom handled the situation, a large number of security concerns arose due to the increased attention on the platform. 

There were a number of encryption issues originally that left users unprotected and video calls were vulnerable. Zoom has since made many important changes to its security and added new features such as password protection and allow the host to control who has permission to join a meeting. However, these crucial security updates were not enough to stop schools, companies, and large organizations like NASA and Google from banning the use of Zoom.

Zoom has stated they are now using end-to-end encryption, but unfortunately, no video-conferencing software can ever be 100% secure when other devices such as dial-in audio are being used. We recommend using those added security features Zoom has set in place during your next meeting. 

How Much Does It Cost?

There are currently 4 plan options for users to select from when using Zoom. The first being the free Basic Plan that allows users a 40-minute meeting with up to 100 attendees, and one-on-one meetings are unlimited. 

The Pro Plan is great for small teams and supports up to 9 hosts per plan and will cost you $20.00/month/host. You also gain 1GB of cloud recording space, Skype for Business integration, and the meeting duration limit is now 24 hours. 

Next, are The Business and The Enterprise Plans which start at $27.00/month/host and come with 10 hosts for Business and 100 hosts for Enterprise. All Business plan accounts have access to all Pro features plus the use of company branding, single-sign-on access, custom URLs, custom email invitations, cloud recording transcripts, and meetings with up to 300 participants.

If you require more cloud storage and additional hosts than the Enterprise plan offers unlimited cloud storage and up to 500 active participants.

When decided on which plan is right for you, it’s important to make sure the plan you select has enough licenses for each member of your team. 

Additional Zoom Features

Join A Meeting Anywhere

With the Zoom Basic Plan users get access to all the basics of video conferencing. Users are given the ability to join a meeting with the Zoom app or by joining directly from a phone line. Plus, there is no limit to the number of meetings you can hold. Zoom works on macOS, Windows, Android and iOs/iPadOS and the video quality depends on the device being used but allows up to 720p with a fast internet connection. Zoom also integrates with Outlook and Chrome, so all your devices can stay connected.

Video Conferencing

At the moment Zoom is an industry leader for video conferencing capabilities and usability. Users can share screens to host webinars and presentations are made easier with whiteboard functions. Each Zoom plan includes a local recording of your meeting, while the cloud storage of recordings is only available on paid plans.

Zoom also allows for multiple users to appear in a gallery view, so you can see everyone involved in the meeting. And for those less comfortable on camera, Zoom allows for the use of Virtual Background which lets you upload a custom image or video like a company logo or choose from the backgrounds that Zoom provides.

Break Out Rooms

Another great feature that allows you to leverage your meetings is the Break Out Rooms feature. This allows the user to split the group into smaller sessions automatically or manually. Groups can be created during a meeting by the host or co-host and they can jump between rooms. 

Additionally, with Break Out Rooms, you can set the time limit for the groups and pre-assign groups before the meeting begins.

Online Training

Zoom has created a large hub of content perfect for learning how to use the platform to its fullest potential. You can filter through webinars and online video tutorials on various training subjects.

Zoom also has an extensive FAQ page that can answer any questions you may have, as well as a free daily Live Training Webinars that teach you how to get started with Zoom and much more.

Customer Support

With Zoom offices located all over the world, its no wonder that Zoom’s customer support is so convenient. The online chat support is available 24.7 and the phone support line is available across all timezones. 

How Do I Set Up Zoom?

To get started with Zoom is very simple. The installation of the app takes less than a minute depending on your device. If you have a Business plan than some additional setup is required for single-sign-on and user management, but the steps can be easily found on the company website.

If a Zoom invitation link has been sent to you, simply click on the link and it will either launch the app and join the meeting or Zoom will prompt the user to install the software. 

Should You Sign Up For Zoom?

This question may not be answered with a simple yes or a no, but we can tell you who it is best suited for and allow you to make the call for you and your business. 

In regards to whether or not you should sign up for Zoom, we think you should consider the initial security flaws Zoom had out of the gate, and determine if you need Zoom for personal use or for business purposes? 

If you are part of a large team of employees and require face-to-face meetings on a daily basis, then Zoom could be a great solution. Because of its ability to display multiple users at once, record meetings to the cloud and share the screen with all active users. 

If you do not require the need to see everyone on your team or host long extensive meetings and presentations then we recommend looking elsewhere.  If you require a more collaborative software with more security features, we suggest reading our review on Microsoft Teams that boast such features.

Our Final Verdict 

There are many video conferencing platforms available out there and it’s important to compare all the features and benefits for each before selecting one that works for you and your business. 

Zoom is easy to install and set up and offers lots of strong video features. The security of the platform is increasing regularly despite criticism and the paid features are great for large businesses who simply need a platform to host video meetings. 

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