What to Look for in an Office Equipment Dealer (How to Compare Them)


If you are considering buying new equipment for your office then, like anything you do in business, you want to ensure you’re making the best decision for your organization.

While the cost of the actual office equipment is obviously a major consideration in the decision-making process, there are several other considerations to keep in mind.  Namely, choosing the right office equipment dealer.

Choosing the right dealer is important because you are beginning a long-term business relationship with this company.  

Are they going to provide the best sales advice for your company? Will they be there after the sale for service and support? Let’s look at the factors you should be considered when learning how to compare copier service companies.

How to Compare Copier Dealers

There is a wide selection of copiers and other pieces of office equipment available and even more, dealers that service and sell these products.

How do you compare copier dealers and choose the right one for your business?

A quick internet search is a great first step in choosing a copier dealer. A simple Google search is one of the easiest ways to see the options available to you and begin comparing them.

While a modern, fresh website doesn’t always indicate good quality, it does show that the company cares about its image and reputation. Are they upfront with the information on their website or do you feel like they are holding back information in the hopes that you will contact them?

The next step would be to reach out to these companies directly. Do they respond quickly or are they slow getting to your request? Do they offer a meeting or technology assessment right away or do you seem to be low on their priority list?

What Do They Offer?

Many office equipment dealers only work with one brand. That may not be a bad thing if they are truly offering great products, but it can limit your options in some situations. Working with a dealer who works with several brands gives you more options and gives the dealer more flexibility when recommending products to you.

Of course, the service and support you receive after the sale are just as (some would argue more important) than the product itself.  Does the dealer offer service and what does the service process look like? Will their service request process work for your needs and schedule or does it feel like you have to jump through hoops?

Ask about ordering supplies and submitting service requests.

  • Do you prefer to place orders online or over the phone?
  • Will they give you a demo of their online ordering portal? Is it easy to navigate and use? 
  • When ordering over the phone, is there a voicemail ordering option or do you need to wait to speak to a person for your order to be received?

Finally, ask about the other products your office equipment dealer carries. While you may only need a copier now, you never know what may be required down the road. Building a single, strong business relationship with a company that can meet all of your needs is much easier than managing orders and service requests from multiple dealers.

Going Above and Beyond

Frankly, there are dozens of companies that can competently supply and service a copier for you in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Where one dealer can really differentiate itself from another is when you begin to look at value-added services and the quality of customer service each dealer can provide.

Does your office equipment dealer want to help your business succeed or do they want to sell you a copier, take your payment, and come back in a few years when your lease is up? Ask about business processes and workflow assessments or suggestions for software that can improve productivity and reduce costs.

If you have a mobile workforce, this is especially important. A good office equipment dealer will be able to set you up for remote management of files, invoices, and reports. Instead of stopping by the office to print files, employees can be out doing what they do best: serving your customers.

Customer service is the key

Finally, ask about their service certifications and how they measure their level of service.  Every dealer is going to tell you that they have great customer service, so ask for the proof to back that up.

Are their service calls reviewed and audited to ensure quality and compliance? A good dealer will be more than happy to share this information with you.

What methods or metrics do they have for measuring their customer satisfaction?  Do they survey their customers or gather performance feedback in any systematic and impartial way?

Are the dealers you are considering certified for the work you need them to do?  Third-party service accreditations or membership in industry benchmarking and performance groups can indicate a company dedicated to offering the best possible service levels.

PROs Elite 100

This is the national symbol of recognition and distinction in the industry that awards a very limited number of organizations that excel in world-class service. This award is only given to a select 100 Office Imaging dealers and assures customers that they are doing business with a company that is admired for their customer service.

These businesses are continually monitored and audited by the PROs proprietary Performance Improvement Virtual Operations Tool (PIVOT) to ensure customers are receiving consistent service. 

We back up our claims

Here at Office Interiors, we offer comprehensive fleet reviews as well as solutions to streamline workflows and improve productivity. You can count on exceptional, industry-leading service and support before, during, and after the sale, we can prove it.

Get the most out of your budget and contact Office Interiors to see why we are trusted by the thousands of businesses in Atlantic Canada.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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