Hot-Desking Storage Ideas for a More Organized Workplace


Hot-desking has ushered in a new era of streamlined workstations where individuals are offered various environments throughout their workday. But flexible offices can be a challenge for some people who value personal desk decor or need office storage. Irrespective of our collective move towards minimalism, there are bound to be gym duffels, winter boots, or product samples scattered around the office. The question then arises: Where does this multitude of items find its home, especially when a designated desk is not part of the equation?

Does your company have a hot-desking workspace, or will you switch to one? You can give your team a few effective hot-desking storage solutions. This article will walk you through them.

The Storage Challenge with Hot-Desking

The main concern with hot-desking is that it is impersonal. Although traditional lockers and pedestals offer employees a location to stow their possessions, they come with many challenges. These include the requirement for assistance in management, the potential for misplaced keys, and a need for adaptability to different workflows. Without proper planning, a hot-desking workspace could face several challenges when it comes to personal storage:

  • Difficulty in determining optimal storage numbers – Office occupancy can fluctuate significantly from day to day, leading to a potential surplus or shortage of available storage units. Traditional locker banks fail to accurately anticipate the required units due to the variable foot traffic.
  • Lack of privacy – The absence of personalized storage options makes it challenging to maintain privacy in a collaborative workspace when sharing desks. Storing personal items at the office might become inconvenient, contributing to a sterile and impersonal office ambiance. Additionally, the absence of personal space becomes problematic for those dealing with sensitive or confidential information.
  • Need for more storage – The lack of personal storage space could result in disorganization and clutter, which makes the workspace look less professional.

Effective Hot-Desking Storage Ideas for Personal Belongings

Hot-desking storage may seem challenging due to the need for built-in options. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here at Office Interiors, we carry a range of external storage options that can solve your concerns. This section introduces you to the most effective hot-desking storage solutions.

1. Smart Lockers

Without a fixed desk or cubicle, there’s a need to store documents, laptops, badges and other physical resources safely and securely. 

By utilizing smart, keyless lockers, team members can work in their preferred manner while enjoying secure storage when and where necessary. These lockers can be tailored to align with the company’s requirements and objectives, effortlessly assigned or re-assigned to individuals with a simple click.

What’s more? If you pair the lockers with a hot-desk storage booking software, you can get real-time data and insights to help you understand locker usage, occupancy, and employee behaviour to adapt and optimize resources.

Personal lockers go well near major entryways, central thoroughfares or within proximity to workstations.

One great option is the Haworth X Series paired with keypad locks.



2. Credenzas

Some items may be too big to store in cubby holes or bookshelves. In such scenarios, a credenza would be a suitable alternative. By assigning a credenza to each workstation, employees can collectively utilize it throughout their shifts.

An additional advantage of a credenza is that it offers privacy depending on your style. For instance, you can opt for a credenza featuring a combination of open and closed doors, catering to various privacy preferences.

The Haworth A Series wood office storage cabinets offer various configurations prioritizing design and functionality. 


3. Cubbies

Cubbies emerge as the optimal choice for larger offices transitioning to hot-desking. They serve as convenient storage for personal items and can alternatively function as a drop-off system. In this setup, each employee is assigned a dedicated cubby.

Consider a scenario where an employee completes a task that needs to be handed over to a colleague who is currently unavailable. The files can be left in the concerned employee’s designated cubby within the drop-off system. The intended recipient can retrieve the documents at their convenience.

The cubby drop-off system is the most effective solution for successfully implementing hot-desking arrangements. Cloth bins can serve as valuable additions, facilitating employees to carry their essentials with them as they move around.

The Haworth X Series Cubbies establish a designated space for individuals to store their work materials and personal belongings. Cubby lockers offer versatile configurations, including an open shelf or a drawer, catering to various storage needs.

4. Storage Carts

A storage cart can become your most valuable asset when grappling with limited storage space. These carts often have multiple racks or shelves for storage and their standout feature includes wheels that is particularly advantageous in a hot-desking and hybrid working setup. However, it’s important to note that the storage capacity of these carts is comparatively lower than other solutions mentioned in this list.

Carts are valuable for roles that involve working with physical samples.

An excellent choice is the Planes Ancillary mobile cart by Haworth, offering a range of configurations, from a portable podium to mobile carts.

5. Pedestals

One problem with storage carts is their limited organizational capacity. This is where pedestals come into play. Unlike storage carts, pedestals come with lockable drawers, providing a heightened level of privacy.

Additionally, they also come equipped with wheels, ensuring equal portability for team members moving around within the workspace.

We recommend considering Haworth’s metal pedestals, which provide intelligent solutions for office needs. Whether expanding personal storage at individual desks or enhancing communication zones, these pedestals offer versatile configurations. These options can include features like a pencil drawer, soft-top, or a vertical handle.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Five effective choices for personal storage in hot-desking environments. As you make decisions about which options align best with your workspace, keep in mind the importance of planning out the layout. Begin by mapping out available empty areas within the office. Keep in consideration that certain hot-desking storage solutions might be more suitable for specific locations than others.

When implemented properly, these hot-desking storage solutions can be both space-conscious and cost-effective. This, in turn, can lead to improved work efficiency, streamlined administration, and robust support for both traditional office and hybrid workers.

If you still require assistance selecting the ideal hot-desking storage solution tailored to your unique space, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re more than happy to offer our assistance!

Ahona Saha
Marketing Assistant
Office Interiors

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