Groupe Lacasse 300 Desk Review: What You Need To Know

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Groupe Lacasse 300 Desk Review: What You Need To Know

The Concept 300 desk collection from Groupe Lacasse brings your décor a touch of class with fully functional workstations that feature timeless design and clean lines. From individual pieces that allow you to customize your workspace to complete workstations, the Concept 300 collection is part of the Lacasse QuickShip Program.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, the Concept 300 desk collection meets any design style and can be customized for your needs. Groupe Lacasse is a Quebec-based furniture manufacturer founded in 1956 that is known for the design, durability, and reliability of its products.


Due to its modular design, the Concept 300 collection allows you to create everything from small, touchdown offices to complete, highly-efficient work environments based on your available floor space.

All pieces feature:

  • 1” work surfaces
  • High-performance thermofused laminate
  • Horizontal wood grain

With numerous components, you can design your personal workstation. The Concept 300 desk collection is sustainably constructed and is GreenGuard certified for low chemical emissions.

Key Features

The Concept 300 collection offers a balance between form and function with ergonomically designed components to help you create a comfortable and efficient workspace. It also provides:

  • A Bold Look – The Concept 300 line is aesthetically beautiful and comes in a variety of finishes to fit any office décor. It’s the perfect choice to give your office a bold, dramatic look.
  • Flexibility – Modular design makes it easy to configure your workspace using a variety of work surfaces, storage options and accessories.
  • Versatility – The Concept 300 collection is highly versatile and the perfect choice for creating a collaborative environment.
  • Modern Finishes – With two different edge choices and 24 different finish choices, the Concept 300 collection can fit into any office environment.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly – The Concept 300 collection is manufactured using recycled particleboard and has been awarded the GreenGuard Gold Certification.

Groupe Lacasse 300 series desk

The Pros and Cons of the Concept 300 Collection

With the right office furniture solution, everyone in your office can be both comfortable and productive. The Concept 300 collection gives you the versatility and functionality to allow you to design the perfect workstation to meet your needs. 

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this line:


With its modern, clean lines and stylish design, one of the primary advantages of the Concept 300 collection is it’s a versatile modular system that can be configured to meet your specific needs.  It’s also a great value with a price point that puts it within reach of almost any sized business. Another pro is the QuickShip program if you’re on a tight deadline.


Because it is a component-based system, it’s essential to make sure you measure your space carefully to ensure that you combine the proper components when creating your workstation.

There are also no height adjustable sit/stand options in this line. This could make it limiting when it comes to suiting your employees’ ergonomic preferences unless you consider adding a sit-stand converter.

Make an Informed Decision

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