Looking for Office Furniture Stores / Dealers in Cape Breton?


Looking for office furniture dealers in syndey cape breton?

Are you hoping to do business with a local office furniture dealer or store in Sydney or Cape Breton?  Many providers serve the area remotely, but only a few have invested in a physical location and staff who live and work in the local community.

To make it as easy as possible for you to differentiate which is which, we created this list of the local office furniture providers based in Cape Breton (they are all in Sydney).  All the information used for this article is publicly available (and not my opinion).

To remain impartial, I am not going to include Office Interiors on this list. If you want to read up on why you may want to do business with us, you can do that here!

Who Are the Best Office Furniture Dealers Located in Sydney?

Unfortunately, if you are looking to do business with a dealership that has a local office or sales team, your choices are limited.  Most office furniture providers try to cover the entirety of Nova Scotia out of office in Halifax or Dartmouth, leaving the Cape Breton market to be served remotely.

That being said, there are a few businesses that have set up shop on the island:

Connors Basics

Connors has been providing Sydney with office furniture, supplies and equipment since 1983.  They now boast a dedicated team of 21 and have consistently expanded their service offerings over the years.  In addition to offering the office furniture itself, Connors is now able to provide its customers with ergonomic assessments and space planning services.

Preferred Office Environments Inc.

Preferred is an office furniture dealer operating out of the Sydport Industrial Park.  They specialize in systems furniture, desks, window coverings, office seating, space planning and ergonomics services and supplies.

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How to Choose an Office Furniture Provider

Now that you know what your options are, how do you pick which dealer should receive your hard-earned money?  Based on our almost three decades of experience in the office furniture industry, we believe that there are four critical criteria that you can use to compare dealers.

Before making your purchase, ask the provider you are considering if they:

  1. Measure their customer service experience with a metric such as Net Promoter Score?
  2. Offer the ability to customize their products or solutions?
  3. Provide ongoing (post-sale) service and support?
  4. Are willing to discuss budget early (before you’ve invested hours of your time with them)?

To get a more detailed breakdown of these criteria, you can read more about choosing the right office furniture dealer in our article Four Things to Look for in an Office Furniture Provider.

Ready to Give Us a Shot to Earn Your Business?

We certainly wouldn’t blame you for working with any of the dealers listed in this post, after all, if they weren’t a good choice why would they be on our list of the best places to buy office furniture in Sydney?  

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love the opportunity to earn your business; we simply believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision.  It’s right there in our mission: to help our customers create more productive work environments. 

If you are would like to ask us any of the four questions above, drop by Sydney office or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the page!

Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
Office Interiors

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