Trying to Find Office Furniture Stores (or Dealers) in Moncton, Riverview & Dieppe?


Find Office Furniture Dealers in Moncton, Riverview & Dieppe

Not sure where to begin your search for office furniture in the Moncton area?  There are plenty of local dealerships and retailers, so deciding who to call can be a challenge.

To make the process as easy as possible, we decided to do the leg work for you and put together this list of the best places to buy office furniture in Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.  All the information used for this article is publicly available (and not my opinion).

To remain impartial, I am not going to include Office Interiors on this list. If you want to read up on why you may want to do business with us, you can do that here!

Who Are the Best Office Furniture Providers Serving Moncton?

In alphabetical order, here is our list of the office furniture providers you should consider doing business:

Atlantic Business Interiors

Atlantic Business Interiors services NB from offices in Moncton and Saint John.  Founded in 1986, they carry a comprehensive offering of office furniture that will satisfy a wide range of customer requirements.  Their core values are to “provide Quality Products, Excellent Service and Competitive Value.”  Their primary supplier is Steelcase, one of the world’s largest office furniture manufacturers.

Chandler Sales

A member of the JD Irving family of companies, Chandler sales is based out of Saint John, NB but maintains an office in Moncton.  They are one of Atlantic Canada’s leading business to business suppliers across a variety of industries, including office furniture.  They offer space planning, installation, maintenance and warranty services; supported by an in-house AUTO-CAD team.  Their primary manufacturer partner is Herman Miller.


The only office furniture dealer in New Brunswick with an Occupational Therapist on staff, Ergoworks has a keen focus on ergonomics in the workplace.  They aim to provide solutions that create healthy and productive work environments.  They state a 98 percent success rate in reducing pain caused by the improper use or configuration of office furniture and equipment.  Their primary lines are Teknion, Global Furniture Group and KI.

E3 Office Furniture & Interiors

E3 is unique in that they don’t invest in physical showrooms, instead they partner with local businesses in each of the cities they operate to rent space to display product.  They have several guarantees including a price match guarantee, extended warranty guarantee and free installation if they miss a guaranteed delivery date.  They offer a wide range of office furniture and services, including coordinating ergonomic assessments, interior design and interior decorating.  Their main furniture lines are Performance Furnishings and Source Office Furnishings.

Grand & Toy

Grand & Toy is a national chain (headquartered in Vaughn, ON) with a branch office located in Dartmouth.  They focus on several product offerings, including office furniture, office supplies, and managed print services.  Their primary furniture lines are Global Furniture Group and Safco Products.

Office Xpress

Initially, a locally owned and operated office equipment dealer, Office Xpress recently expanded their capacity to offer a wide range of office furniture as well.  Based out of Moncton, they provide the full line of Artopex products including systems furniture, modular walls, seating and storage.

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How to Choose an Office Furniture Dealer

So now you have your shortlist of options, but how do you pick which will receive your hard-earned money?  Based on our almost three decades of experience in the office furniture industry, we believe that there are four critical criteria that you can use to compare dealers.

Before making your purchase, ask the provider you are considering if they:

  1. Measure their customer service experience with a metric such as Net Promoter Score?
  2. Offer the ability to customize their products or solutions?
  3. Provide ongoing (post-sale) service and support?
  4. Are willing to discuss budget early (before you’ve invested hours of your time with them)?

To get a more detailed breakdown of these criteria, you can read more about choosing the right office furniture dealer in our article Four Things to Look for in an Office Furniture Provider.

Ready to Give Us a Shot to Earn Your Business?

We certainly wouldn’t blame you for working with any of the dealers listed in this post, after all, if they weren’t a good choice why would they be on our list of the best places to buy office furniture in the Moncton area?  

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love the opportunity to earn your business; we simply believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision.  It’s right there in our mission: to help our customers create more productive work environments. 

If you are would like to ask us any of the four questions above, reach out to our Moncton team or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the page!

Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
Office Interiors

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