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The Guide to Using One-Stop Service Solution Providers for Office Fit-Outs & Renovations

Are you considering setting up a new office or renovating your existing one? With so many tasks to juggle, from coordinating the move to selecting furniture to installing technology systems and creating a functional layout, it can be overwhelming to try and coordinate multiple service providers. That’s where a one-stop shop comes in – a company… Read More

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Phone Booths or Meeting Pods: What’s Right for Your Team?

In the ever-changing world of office design, companies have shifted away from too many private offices and boxed cubicles for each employee and towards more open floor plans. Over recent years, open-plan layouts have dominated workspaces and have gained popularity for fostering interactive and collaborative work environments. However, they also come with challenges, particularly when maintaining privacy and concentration. The question… Read More

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Rethinking The Commute – Designing Offices Worth the Journey

The way we work has significantly changed compared to the pre-pandemic times. The move towards more flexible work arrangements has reshaped our expectations of when and where we work, creating a challenge for those considering a full-time return to the office. Research suggests that extended commute times top the list of reasons employees hesitate to… Read More

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Ergonomic Home Office Ideas on a Budget

Our homes now double as offices in this remote and hybrid work era. While this is exciting, it introduces the challenge and added cost of setting up a home office. But how do you make your home office as comfortable and productive as your corporate office without breaking the bank? How can you create an… Read More

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Carpet Casters vs Hardwood Casters

Picture this: You are in the market for a new task chair that will make your workdays more comfortable. After looking around, you finally found one that meets all your requirements. You have carefully examined all its ergonomic features, which promise both comfort and productivity. This choice leaves you feeling very satisfied with your selection.… Read More

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What is a Phone Audit & How Can it Improve Office Communication?

Many assume that it’s good enough if their office phone system works. However, in today’s technologically advanced world, having a functional system doesn’t necessarily mean the phone performs at its best. Office phone systems have evolved significantly, embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communication (UC). This evolution underscores the need… Read More

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How to Reduce Noise Pollution and Improve Acoustics in the Office

Over the years, study after study has measured employees’ satisfaction with their workplace environment, and the results have continued to point to noise pollution as a major cause of reduced effectiveness, higher stress, and declining job satisfaction. The studies also indicate most noise complaints in offices relate to speech privacy – overhearing an unwanted conversation… Read More

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Maximizing Small Office Spaces with Innovative Furniture Solutions

The landscape of office spaces is transforming as remote and hybrid work models have become more prevalent in today’s world. With fewer employees physically present in the office, organizations are re-evaluating their needs and some are opting for smaller, more efficient office spaces. Gone are the days when expansive square footage symbolized success; instead, the… Read More

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Hot-Desking Storage Ideas for a More Organized Workplace

Hot-desking has ushered in a new era of streamlined workstations where individuals are offered various environments throughout their workday. But flexible offices can be a challenge for some people who value personal desk decor or need office storage. Irrespective of our collective move towards minimalism, there are bound to be gym duffels, winter boots, or… Read More