Workrite Solace Desktop Review: Instant Standing Desk Conversion

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Workrite Solace Desktop Review

When office managers choose Workrite ergonomics for their office furniture, they earn the peace of mind that comes with selecting a high-quality brand known for innovation.  The Workrite Solace series is rightly one of the company’s most popular product lines.

But different offices have different space requirements, and various individual users have varying ergonomic needs. Finding the right ergonomic office furniture means identifying solutions that are durable, adjustable, and versatile in a range of applications.

The Workrite Solace Desktop is one of the manufacturer’s purest and most effective standing desk solutions. It transforms any regular desk into a standing desk with adjustable height and multiple platforms.

We want to present this Workrite Solace Desktop review to help office managers select the best standing desk for their needs. We are an office furniture dealer, so our reviewing process accepts the fundamental benefits of standing desks in the office. However, our team objectively reviews manufacturers by collecting and parsing third-party reviews to help managers find their ideal furniture solution.

Why Bother With Office Ergonomics?

The Workrite Solace Desktop Review: Specifications

The Workrite Solace Desktop is a simple, stable, and durable standing desk converter. Unlike more complex workstation solutions, it doesn’t require any installation and relies on no pneumatic components.

  • 20-inch Height. The Workrite Solace Desktop extends your worksurface height by 20 inches, making it ideal for quickly transforming regular desks into standing desks.
  • Independent Work Surfaces. This desktop converter includes a monitor stand, a rolling keyboard platform, and a secondary platform for papers and other devices.
  • 35-Pound Lifting Capacity. Workrite’s extra sturdy desktop converter can hold up to 35 pounds of hardware and equipment.
  • 20° of Keyboard Tilt. Enjoy ten degrees of upward and downward keyboard tilt to make this device accessible to a broad range of users.

Key Features

The Workrite Solace Desktop allows for sit-to-stand functionality according to user preferences, using a counter-balanced lifting mechanism that allows for effortless lifting. It offers substantially different user experience compared to Workrite’s other sit-to-stand solutions.

  • Easy Installation. The Solace Desktop does not need to clamp to a desk. It sits directly on top of the desk’s main work surface, making it easy to install and move from one desk to another as needed in the office.
  • No Need for Monitor Arm. This desktop’s simplified construction makes quick assembly easy. There is no need to attach a monitor to an independent monitor mount – merely place the computer monitor right on top of the main work surface.
  • Integrated Cable Management. The Workrite Solace Desktop makes cable management easy, providing users with integrated cable management designed to keep cords and cables secured away from the main work surface.
  • Reduced Stowed Form Factor. The Solace Desktop only takes up 6.2 inches of height when stowed. This makes it perfectly functional as a portable sit-to-standing desk converter, allowing for instant packing and storage when needed.

Workrite Solace Desktop Sit-To-Stand Accessory

Workrite Solace Desktop Drawbacks

There are situations when the Solace Desktop does not represent the best choice for sit-to-stand functionality. The lack of a moving monitor arm means that it does not readily support dual monitor setups. For the same reason, it can be awkward in multi-user environments.

The lack of a secondary work surface can also be a drawback in some environments. Most users will place their monitor directly atop the primary work surface and use the keyboard on its platform. This does not leave extra space for files, documents, or smart devices the way other Workrite products do.

When the Solace Desktop is in the upright position, there is a healthy amount of space underneath the keyboard platform, but it may not be easily accessible when performing standing work. This might make one of Solace’s more complex solutions a better choice for some users.

Why Choose the Workrite Solace Desktop?

During our Workrite Solace Desktop review, we analyzed scores of user comments and evaluations. It’s a dead-simple solution to retrofitting regular desks into the standing format – the device ships already assembled and needs no further work.

The Workrite Solace offers distinct advantages over more complex sit-to-stand solutions thanks to its small form factor. It fits perfectly on any 24-inch desktop while leaving enough space for personal devices and other equipment. In its stowed form, it occupies just over 6 inches of height.

For a simplified single-monitor set-up, there are few options more readily accessible than the Solace Desktop. It is a durable and robust standing desk solution ideally suited to single-user environments, where a single individual can quickly pick up and move the Solace Desktop from one desk to another.

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