The Workrite Solace 2 Total Review: Sit-to-Stand Functionality and Modern Ergonomics

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Workrite Solace 2 Review

Workrite Ergonomics is a reputable name in the office furniture industry, and rightly so. Many of the company’s products do a great job creating happier, healthier, and more productive offices.

But when it comes to office ergonomics, every individual has unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all ergonomic office solution.  Different body types adjust to ergonomic concerns differently.

The Workrite Solace 2 is the brand’s newest entrant in its ergonomic office lineup. With this product, Workrite is focusing on intuitive user-adjustable features that will help office employees reduce neck and back pain, headaches, and blurred vision due to extended computer use.

We’ve taken the opportunity to review this product to help office managers select the best possible office furniture for their needs. As an office furniture dealer, we can’t claim it’s a completely unbiased review, but it’s an objective one that we have based on information from third-party user reviews.

Our review will help you find out exactly how successful the Solace 2 is at meetings its ergonomic goals. Discover the Workrite Solace 2 and determine whether it’s the right sit-to-stand desk for your office.

Why Bother With Office Ergonomics?

The Workrite Solace 2 Review: Specifications

The Workrite Solace 2 transforms any desk into a sit-to-stand workstation. It represents the latest in ergonomic office technology, offering greater adjustability and more intuitive use than many other sit-to-stand office products.

  • Pneumatic Strut Arm. The Solace 2 features a robust strut arm that uses pneumatic technology to allow an effortless transition between the seated and standing positions. This makes it well suited for multi-user environments.
  • Independent Keyboard Platform. Workrite gives users access to two different keyboard platforms. The standard option is a single flat platform with space for a keyboard and mouse, while the premium option includes a separate, adjustable mouse platform.
  • Independently Adjustable Monitor. The Workrite features a counter-balanced quick-release monitor clamp that allows users to create a personalized monitor configuration. It supports dual monitor setups and features no knobs or complex mechanisms. The monitor tower rotates independently of the keyboard platform.
  • Excellent Load Capacity. The Solace 2 can support up to 32 pounds of equipment, making it more than capable of handling dual monitor setups along with additional weight.

Key Features

At first glance, the Workrite Solace 2 looks almost the same as the Solace Single. But it offers a broader range of motion and greater adjustability than its predecessor, effectively addressing the main drawbacks of the first Solace workstation.

  • Increased Height Range. Whereas the Solace Single offered 18.5 inches of standing height, the Solace 2 extends to a maximum of 22 inches, making it better-suited to tall users or shorter desks.
  • Fully Adjustable Keyboard Platform. The original Solace featured a fixed 90° keyboard platform. The Solace 2 features a full 15° of downward tilt and 3.75 inches of user-adjustable height.
  • Decreased Form Factor. When stowed, the Solace 2 occupies a mere 16 inches in depth, making it considerably smaller than the Solace Single’s 24-inch stowed form factor.
  • Detached Secondary Work Surface. Perhaps the most apparent difference between the Solace Single and the Solace 2 is the adjustable secondary work surface. The surface is positioned perfectly for reading data off of a sheet of paper or smartphone while typing into the computer.

Workrite Solace 2 sit/stand accessory

Workrite Solace 2 Benefits and Advantages

During our Workrite Solace 2 review, it was easy to see that the improved form factor and greater adjustability came in handy when dealing with multi-user environments. The enhanced form factor made it easy to stow away in smaller office environments, which offers critical space-saving benefits.

The ability to independently swivel the monitor without moving the keyboard platform made it useful for employees who interact with customers. No longer will rotating the system to show the screen to a standing customer or colleague result in accidentally hitting them with the keyboard platform!

Some users find the premium keyboard configuration is a valuable add-on thanks to the ability to easily position the mouse in either right-handed or left-handed configurations.

With the standard keyboard platform, this requires picking up the keyboard and sliding the mouse from one side to another, which can become an obstacle to productivity in multi-user environments with both right-handed and left-handed users.

Common Drawbacks

For the most part, the Workrite Solace 2 solves the problems that it sets out to answer. It’s well-designed and intuitive to use in multi-user environments. With a total weight of 36 pounds, it can be a bit on the heavy side, particularly for offices that plan on implementing multiple Solace sit-to-stand workstations.

However, part of what gives it that weight is its impressive durability. Using lighter, flimsier plastic to reduce weight is a tradeoff that many end users wouldn’t appreciate.

Another potential drawback is that the device doesn’t lay flat when in the stored position. It still takes up 16 inches of desk depth, and it seems like additional engineering could have easily created a solution to fold the Solace 2 more compactly against the desk surface or a vertical plane.

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