What Window Treatment Accessories Do You Need?


A stellar room can create a great company culture. It’s all in the fine details. You want to wow someone when they walk into your space!

Having the right window treatments can complete a room, but it’s the accessories that bring life to space.

Window treatment accessories are made to work cohesively with your product and make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We’re going to talk about the three accessories you should look at when installing new window treatments! 

What are some popular window treatment accessories?

  • Valances
  • Cassette Valances
  • Fascia Valances
  • Bottom Bars
  • Side Channels

These accessories often should be installed at the same time as a new window treatment. They are designed to extend the life of your product and also complete the look.

What is a Valance? 

A valance is a decorative element of some window treatments and adds a finishing touch that ties together any room. The term valance is widely used to describe any kind of accessory used to hide window treatments. 

Valances are installed near the top of the window or window treatment. Valances are made to hide the shutters, blinds, or any additional unsightly hardware. Valances are also used to cover juxtaposing blinds to create a more cohesive look. 

While a valance is typically used with roller shades or motorized options, installing a valance is an excellent option for anyone who wants their window treatments hidden some of the time. Valances can make your windows look more prominent and create a polished look.  

Valances can be made from various materials, from aluminum to fabric, wood or even plastic. You can find a valance in nearly any colour, so you can be sure that it matches the room’s existing aesthetics. 

Using a valance made of high-grade material will brighten up a room and bring in a more contemporary look. 

There are many different types of valances, and we are going to cover cassette valances and fascia valances!  

What is a Cassette Valance?

Cassettes are made to refine the look of your windows! A cassette is a kind of valance that is typically used with roller shades. When installing new roller shades, you may opt for a cassette to finalize the look.

Cassettes have curved or flat faces, and that is usually covered with the same fabric as your roller shade. The hardware is mounted to the top of the window, and the cassette snaps into place. 

Cassettes completely incase your roller shades with top, back and front panels. This accessory will give a unified look to your treatment since the valance, and roller shades are made of the same material. 

Roller shades mount inside the cassette’s headrail, making it difficult to add a cassette valance on older window treatments. It’s best to install a cassette valance as you are installing new window treatments.

What is a Fascia Valance?

Fascia valances are used to encase and conceal both the hardware and the shades. Fascias are made out of aluminum and are available in many different sizes and colours. 

A fascia is made of an L-shaped piece of aluminum that extends outwards past the window. Like all valances, it’s installed at the top of a window. Unlike cassette valances, fascia valances only have top and front covers. They are designed to be a fast install and protect the fabric from dust and dirt. 

You should opt for a fascia valance if you install window treatments in tight spaces or odd shapes. With a fascia valance, you can cover multiple shades and create a cohesive look in a tight environment. 

What are Bottom Bars?

From top to bottom, ensuring your window treatment is aesthetically pleasing and functional is critical. Bottom bars are an accessory that you should not overlook.

Bottom bars are used at the bottom of shades or blinds and used as a weight to keep your treatment rolled down. You use the bottom bar to guide your shade, and it prevents the treatment from rising and falling on its own.

Most bottom bars are made from weighted aluminum and are designed specially to work with your treatment’s center of gravity.

Bottom bars are inserted into the bottom hem of your treatment, so they are hidden. If that isn’t possible, bottom bars can also be covered with matching fabric to look seamless.

Check with your supplier. Some window treatments come with bottom bars included, while others will need one specially installed. 

What are Side Channels?

Do you have a room where you want complete darkness? Perhaps it’s a classroom, meeting room or server room. While having blackout window treatments is a great option, you should also look into getting side channels to ensure no light leakage from the windows.

Side channels are a seal between the fabric and the frame, and they help physically extend your shades. 

Side channels help hold your blinds in place. Many modern window treatments are lighter and can move around in a room if not weighted down. Side channels minimize the movement by securing the frame.

Not only do side channels help block the light, but they can also help with room insulation because they restrict airflow from the window.

Like many window treatment accessories, side channels come in a variety of colours and sizes. You will be able to match your window to the side channel and create a seamless space. 

When speaking to your workspace planner about your window treatment options, remember to also ask about what window treatment accessories should also be installed. If you want to talk to a window treatment expert, reach out to one of our furniture team members today! 

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