What Do We Actually Do at Office Interiors?

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Before arriving on this webpage, could you describe what we really do for our customers at Office Interiors? If not, you are not alone. Many people know part of what we do, for example, a typical response is that we sell office furniture, but many people do not realize there is more to us than that.

Our learning centre is all about answering our customers’ (and potential customers’) questions in an unbiased way, so in this article, we are going to try to do just that. Explain what, in our opinion, we genuinely do at Office Interiors, without just pumping our tires and talking about how great we are (like we do in this article).

Selling hardware or furniture, however, is not what we consider to be the value we provide for our customers. Yes, it is what we literally do, but it is not really what we provide to our customers. Anyone can buy a printer or a chair online these days, and if you want the absolute lowest price, ordering something from Amazon but made in China is probably going to be your best bet… not us.

Where we provide value is in working with you to create a more productive work environment for you and your team. That is our mission.

Our goal is to be your partner, to work with you to find ways to help your business run more efficiently, your team to work safely and comfortably and to ensure that your technology is always doing what you bought it for.

What Products and Services Does Office Interiors Sell?

We have two specialized teams at Office Interiors, a furniture team, and a technology team.

Our Technology Offerings

We train our technology team to dig deep into your organization to find opportunities for you to improve communication and your team’s access to data, streamline business processes and reduce overhead expenses. Sometimes upgrading your hardware may be the best way to achieve those goals and other times, leveraging software is the right solution. Ultimately, it depends on the specific needs of your organization.

The technology products we offer include:

Our Furniture Offerings

Our furniture team is trained to help you select the ergonomic furniture products that will accomplish your organization’s goals.  That may be increasing collaboration, providing privacy to your team members, enhancing your team’s wellness and comfort at work, finding a cost-effective solution that is backed by reliable warranties or a combination of them all.

The furniture products we offer include:

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    Cory Porteous
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