What is Raised Access Flooring & Why Should I Use it?


What is raised access flooring?

Planning on moving or renovating your office?  If so, you have the perfect opportunity to set it up in the most efficient way possible.  You can turn it into the ideal workspace for your team for years to come.

One improvement that often goes overlooked during a renovation or move is the floor. A floor is just a floor, right? Other than ripping up and replacing the carpeting there isn’t much you can do.

That kind of thinking comes from your experience with existing office spaces. However, raised access flooring can completely change an area and offer more functionality than you could have ever imagined from a floor.

What is Raised Access Flooring?

Raised access flooring is becoming popular in offices and other workspaces because of its modular, customizable nature. Essentially, raised access flooring is a floor that sits atop the existing floor, leaving room underneath for running cabling, ductwork and more.

There are a number of styles and solutions when it comes to raised access flooring. A data management center, for example, may opt for a more heavy-duty solution with more available space below to run cables and airflow equipment.

In a traditional office setting, it may be more appropriate to use a lower profile floor to maintain space between the floor and ceiling while also offering space below the floor for basic cabling needs.

Now that you have a basic idea of what raised access flooring is, why do you need it in your office?

Moveable and Customizable Solution

Raised access flooring has ports or panels for various lines and cables that you can run below the floor. If your operation continues to grow and you require additional ports for new employees, you can plan ahead and install a new modular flooring panel to meet your needs.

This is much more cost-effective than changing wiring or altering your floorplan entirely. Quickly make the change without disturbing the rest of your workspace.

Since raised access flooring comes in modular sections that can be added or removed, you have the opportunity to customize your workspace as needed. If you expand into a bigger space, you may even be able to take your existing raised access flooring with you, only purchasing additional sections any that you require for the new layout.

Improve Safety within the Office

One of the number one injuries in the workplace for office employees is tripping or falling. Cables are a significant culprit when it comes to tripping in the office.

Raised access flooring helps reduce the areas where cables are visible and accessible for people to trip over. Even just one prevented fall in the workplace could save your business time and money from lost employee hours and worker’s compensation claims or insurance settlements.

Give Your Space a Cleaner, More Professional Look

Let’s face it – cables running along the floor rarely look very good. If there are going to be clients visiting your business, then you likely want to put your best foot forward.

Not only do cables pose a tripping or falling hazard to people in your office, but they can also be an eyesore. What message would that send to your customers if they see cables loosely run along the walls or taped to the floor with duct tape?

Hide cables out of sight with raised access flooring and put forward a clean, professional appearance for anyone who steps foot into your workspace.

Room to Expand Below Your Feet

As new technologies are introduced, you may find you need more and more networking cables and equipment in your office. Do you continue to run these cables along the floor for everyone to see and trip on? That’s not a well-designed solution.

Raised access flooring gives you room to expand while maintaining the professional look you want to put forward every single day. Open the panels in the flooring and run cables as-needed to expand your operation without paying for expensive renovations or opting for a less appealing solution.

Invest in Growth and Professionalism

Raised access flooring is an excellent solution for businesses planning to continue growing in an environment where more technology inevitably means more cables.

While the up-front cost of raised access flooring is more significant than doing nothing at all, the investment can last a long time, even if you choose to move to a new space.

Want to learn more about raised access flooring and whether it’s the right solution for your business? We have you covered, our whitepaper on the business case behind raised access flooring will explain why adding a raised floor can help maximize the value of your office space.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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