We Love Our Community: 2015 Edition


Giving Back

June 3

Every waking moment is precious if your world is anything like mine. Time is spent trying to meet deadlines, staying organized at home and the office, and finally, at the end of the day, you can only hope to have a few minutes left for yourself. A few minutes to do those things that you want to do, that matter to you, that have value and meaning to you.

My wife and I have raised, nurtured, and supported two fantastic kids. We have tried very hard to instill in them the values we were taught and the things we learned along our life journeys. Giving back to our community is so very important to us. It is also great to see, hear and be a part of our kids’ experiences in giving back.

Our entire family takes great pride in supporting the efforts of the Bedford-Sackville Special Olympics organization, FUNdamentals. With the help and support of a phenomenal group of volunteer coaches, parents and supporters, kids with very special intellectual and physical gifts engage in organized play, physical fitness, soccer, etc. We all LOVE spending time with the group, sharing the unfiltered, unabridged love and passion that the kids and their families bring to every session. It is truly one of the highlights of our week. My wife and I are enormously proud of our kids for having volunteered many hours as coaches and hands-on helpers with the group. We know that this spirit of giving selflessly is something that they will pass on to their kids in the future.

Personally, being a member of the all-volunteer board at the Maskwa Aquatic Club has given me valuable insights into what it takes to run a community-based organization. We must be nimble, creative and highly resourceful when executing our mandate to provide a healthful, welcoming and sustainable club for our members and friends. It is a challenge but an extremely rewarding one.

It is a heart-warming experience too. To hear my colleagues share their experiences with the various volunteer organizations with which they are connected and contribute countless hours, resources and energy. It enriches us all and makes us better and more human. It just feels good giving back.

Melvin Simons
Account Manager – Furniture
Office Interiors

Why do You Relay?

June 18

On June 20th, 2015, I will spend twelve hours walking toward a brighter, more hopeful future, a future without cancer.

This will be my fifth year participating in the Halifax Relay for Life and my first as Chair of Treasury. Cancer has touched the lives of millions in some way or another, myself included. It has been four years since my father passed away after a brief and hard-fought battle with cancer, and ever since, I have felt that the Relay was my opportunity to give back and lend a hand against this terrible disease. This year for Relay, we are shaking things up a bit; the event will start at noon and finish at midnight, compared to previous years, where this was an all-night event. We hope that this will encourage more families to come out and participate and to Pass the Baton!!!

If you want to donate or attend the Halifax Relay for Life, please click here for more information. See you all on the 20th!

Tiffany Mitchell, CMA
Office Interiors

Why I Walk…

November 30

For the past 5 years, I have participated in the ‘Light the Night Walk’ supporting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. The Halifax walk was completed last month, and I’m proud to have been a part of fundraising over $510,00. It was a record year for Halifax for fundraising! Halifax was one of the top 5 cities in Canada!

My motivations are very clear for embarking on this journey; not only do I want to help find a cure for blood cancers, but I want to give hope to all those families fighting the battle. 

Unfortunately, my Mom lost her battle on October 3rd, 2014, to Lymphoma at age 63. It doesn’t seem fair, and we miss her every day. I walk to raise money, to help others so that one day families will not endure the pain and suffering that comes with cancer.

light the night walk

Anne Marie Lace
Senior Account Manager
Office Interiors