We Love Our Community: 2014 Edition


Dear Sponsor Family (Office Interiors)

February 5

Our community is one of our core values and our support makes a difference to those families we sponsor. Every year Office Interiors supports several families through the “Feed Nova Scotia Adopt a Family Program” at Christmas time. Here is a letter from one of our adopted families:

A Shout Out For Generosity

October 15

I wanted to use this blog post to recognize one of our members who work as hard for their community as they do for Office Interiors. Shawn Lean and his team (Fredericton Jr. Caps) gave the entire gate of their home opener to the family of Peter Bryden; the man assaulted on his way home from the Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. Actions such as Shawn’s remind us just how important community is. After all, members of that community make up an organization’s clients, partners, and team members.

Love the Way You Innovate

October 28

 I recently had the pleasure of doing business with the inspiring entrepreneurs of Atlantic Motor Labs. Entrepreneurship is a key part of the Atlantic Canadian economy, so when we learned Braden Murphy of Atlantic Motor Labs was seeking support from the community, we knew we had to pitch in.

New businesses face challenges every day in areas that many of us working for established companies can take for granted. How does a new business prioritize the cost of equipping their employees with the furniture and resources they need when R&D and marketing/sales are such pressing needs? Too often, they cannot. With this realization in mind, we decided to do what we do best and outfit their workspace with the high-quality furniture and equipment they need to continue focusing their efforts on the task at hand – building a successful Atlantic Canadian business.

While it is our pleasure to help aspiring entrepreneurs like Atlantic Motor Labs, the real pleasure will be one day watching them give back to our shared community and assisting future aspiring entrepreneurs in creating successful enterprises right here in our backyard.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

Atlantic Motor Labs is developing a suite of engines that help solve problems in the oil and gas industry.  To learn more about their products you can send them an email or visit their site.

We love The Way the Fredericton Jr. Caps Love Play

November 26

The Office Interiors Jr. Caps play in the NBJHL. This league consists of 11 teams within N.B. and is student driven to allow University / NBCC students to focus on their academics while competing on the ice at a high level. Most of our players have played or could have played in the MJHL. However, they have chosen the education route while playing rather than playing hockey followed by education. The Jr. Caps have won the league 4 out of the last 5 years. 3 of those wins were under Head Coach Rob MacGregor (O.I. Fredericton). After 4 full years, Rob opted to move to the front office as V.P. and Assistant G.M. This is because, with the league and the market growing, we’ve found that a stronger focus on the business side was required; the cost of operation of the team has grown to be in the area of $150,000 per year. None of this cost, however, is passed on to the players. In exchange, they are required to work within the community as part of their commitment to the team. Office Interiors and the Jr. Caps also sponsor / own the Midget AAA Caps, which play out of the same arena, and have helped in various capacities to fund eight other teams, from Rec Hockey to Baseball, Volley Ball, and Basket Ball across all age demographics. Office Interiors and The Caps organization is strongly dedicated to developing our youth.

We’re looking forward to many more years of helping to grow responsible and dedicated people through sports.

Thank you,

Shawn Lean
The Caps Organization