We Love Our Community: 2012 Edition


we love our community- office interiors 2012 edition

Community Involvement

March 2

This is my second year serving on the Board of Directors at Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia, where I spend most of my volunteer time. Junior Achievement focuses on teaching students from grades 6-12 about business principles through activity, dialogue and “hands-on” business experience using volunteer business people to deliver our programs. JA’s programs focus on three main areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Financial literacy
  3. Workforce readiness.

Last year, in conjunction with Junior Achievement of Canada, the Boston Consulting Group completed a study on the young adults who participated in Junior Achievement programs. The results included such statistics as:

  1. JA graduates are more likely to open their own businesses, and they last longer.
  2. JA graduates are more likely to spend less than they earn and are better prepared for retirement.
  3. JA graduates are better-prepared employees and reach middle/upper management more quickly.

Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia works to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

Alan Mitchell
Office Interiors

Feed Nova Scotia’s “Great Canadian Food Fight”

October 16

Office Interiors’ commitment to helping families in need has been an ongoing priority for the staff and families that work at OI. Thousands of Nova Scotians don’t know where their next meal will come from, and many rely on local food banks for assistance. This commitment continued this week with Office Interiors hosting Feed Nova Scotia’s Burnside drop-off location for companies participating in the “The Great Canadian Food Fight.”

Feed Nova Scotia competes in this incredible cross-country food drive for the third year in a row. Starting at 6 pm on October 11th, each competing region will have 48 hours to collect and weigh as much food as possible. Thousands of people will benefit from this event.

The official weigh-in began at 6:00 pm on Thursday, October 11th, and the food and financial gifts are piling up! As of 1:30 on Friday afternoon, we’re at 16,383 kg (including food and the equivalent weight in financial donations). The Office Interiors Dartmouth Showroom staff have committed 100% to supporting “The Great Canadian Food Fight.”

Each year Food Banks Canada releases HungerCount, a comprehensive report that helps explain who turns to food banks and why.

In March 2011: 22,505 Nova Scotians were assisted by food banks; 31.5% were under 18.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to “The Great Canadian Food Fight,” and keep the food coming! Help Feed Nova Scotia and Office Interiors feed hungry people in Nova Scotia.

P.Scott MacIntyre
Vice President of Sales Nova Scotia
Office Interiors

Love the Way You Run

October 18

This past weekend my two daughters, Amanda, and Mallory, completed their first full marathon in San Francisco at the Nike Women’s Marathon (25,000 participants, 20% of whom do the whole marathon, 90% are women) in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

To get there (in addition to training), they had to raise a minimum of $7,800; they ended up at almost $11,000. We were at an “Inspiration Lunch” on Saturday with approximately 2000 people in the room; the MC asked those who were “survivors” to stand, and Amanda was one of only a dozen in the entire room—a pretty neat feat.

Amanda and Mallory held their hands high in celebration as they crossed the finish line together on Sunday. Needless to say, I was very proud, and I just thought I’d share the story!

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors