We Have Updated Our Vision Statement!



We live in a world of rapid change, mobility and technology are driving forces, the need for innovation and collaboration is at an all-time high.  A recent IMB study of 1,600 CEO’s asking the question “What keeps you up most at night…” relative to their business came back with a resounding consensus around “innovation”.  Other studies show that on average 50% of the workforce are not actively engaged and simply going through the motions. A further 20% are in fact ‘hostile’ towards their employer and actively work against the organization’s stated goals!  It’s shocking but true!

We know that people perform their best in environments with great “Culture”; and we also know that great workplaces have a direct and meaningful impact on an organization’s “Culture”.  The two are in fact connected.  With that in mind, we have updated our Vision Statement to include our tag-line of “Love the Way You Work”.  Take a look at the picture below from the front wall of our Dartmouth showroom to check out our new Vision Statement in its entirety!


Jim Mills
President & CEO