What are the Best Window Treatments for Offices?


What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a space? Is it the bright lights? The colours? The overall vibe? The finer details of an area can make or break a room.

Window coverings are essential to completing a room. Not only can proper window coverings tie a room together aesthetically, but window treatments also optimize natural lighting and add insulation value.

No matter what kind of window you need to cover, there is something on the market for you. Most window treatments are custom-made to fit your space so that you can guarantee a perfect finished product.

In this article, we will cover the different types of window treatments and materials. No matter your space’s purpose, there is a window treatment that will enhance its design.

Having well-designed window treatments adds a finishing touch to any room, no matter the purpose. Everywhere from offices to bathrooms to employee lounges can benefit from installing appropriate window treatments. 

What are the different types of window treatments?

There are dozens of different kinds of window treatments available on the market today, from sheer blinds, shutters, roller shades and vertical blinds. The choice is yours! We will cover a few of the more popular types of window treatments on the market. 

Window treatments can be customized to fit all different windows, from dome to bay windows to large retail windows. 

Roller Shades

One of the most popular types of window treatments for office space is roller shades. Roller shades offer a clean and modern look, and you can customize the fabric, colour and texture!

Roller shades are a solid sheet of fabric that can be pulled down over your window. This kind of window treatment allows you to add privacy and block out some of the light without sacrificing style. These shades roll up into a panel at the top of the window! This panel completely conceals the shade, so it’s not visible when put away.

There are different kinds of roller shades that can be modified to match your space and your style. One of the different types of roller shades is solar shades, used with a UV protectant scene like mesh material to block out the sun but still let the light shine through.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades are also known as cellular shades, and these work great for sun control, even on huge windows. These are ideal for improving your space’s insulation!

These shades sometimes have the appearance of pleated paper, with air pockets designed to help with insulation. The cellular construction means that hot air is trapped in the winter and cool air is trapped in the summer. Similar to roller shades, you have control over the fabric, light control, pleats and textures. 


Shutters are typically used in residential spaces but also work great for office spaces. They allow you to control how much light and air come through a window throughout the day.

These window treatments are made of louvres that are mounted in a frame around the window. With shutters, you control the slats’ tilt, which changes how much light and air get in. 

Shutters are a fashionable way to control light and airflow while still having an elevated aesthetic. 

Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for large windows or sliding glass doors. These window treatments have slats that run up and down. Vertical blinds hang from a track with a valance at the top of the window. 

With vertical blinds, you have control over the material and width of the panel and the slats’ size. These are an excellent option for those hard-to-fit places, and they add visual height to a room. Sometimes vertical blinds also act as a room divider.

Power-operated treatments

Some of the window treatments come with the option to be power-operated.

Whether hardwired into your space or battery-operated, these solutions allow you to control the blind, shutter or shade from afar. Different manufacturers offer different controls depending on the type. 

One example is the PowerView Motorization by Hunter Douglas. Powerview Motorization allows you to adjust your treatments using a remote or an app. If you want to learn more about PowerView Motorization – you should check out this video!

 What Materials are Available for Window Treatments?


There are endless materials that work for window treatments—literally hundreds of different fabrics, colours and opacities. If purchasing from a dealership like Office Interiors, these are all commercial-grade fabrics and customized to fit your space. 

You have wooden options, metal options, plastic options, and nearly every colour under the rainbow. 

Blackout Options

Depending on the room, complete darkness may be necessary. Many of the window treatments have the option to come with blackout material. 

No sunlight gets through the window, no matter the time of day. Blackout material is excellent for insulation purposes in the summer by not allowing sunlight to heat the room.

There are also options on the market that absorb or deflect incoming light, which prevents any light from coming into the room.


Keeping your space clean is essential, and your window treatments play a role in this. Select an antimicrobial fabric for high traffic spaces, making it easy to keep your area disinfected. Installing antimicrobial window treatments is ideal for healthcare and long-term care facilities.


If your privacy is important, then select a material with a higher opacity. The woven texture of the fabric determines opacity. The higher the opacity, the smaller the openings, so the more privacy you have. 

If you wonder what kind of window treatment would work best in your space, contact our experts today! They would be happy to walk you through your options and help make your space shine. 

Emily Adams
Digital Content Specialist
Office Interiors