Elevating Field Service Customer Experience with TechTrack


At Office Interiors, we take pride in providing excellent service for your equipment. By considering our service to be one of our ‘Three Key Uniques’, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the service they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

As the only Pros Elite 100 Certified Dealer in Atlantic Canada and only one of four in Canada, our service results are audited monthly against the top Imaging Dealers in North America. This keeps us focused on uncovering new ways to ensure that you consistently receive service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Taking steps to improve our field service customer experience further, we’re thrilled to launch our new TechTrack tool, which is bent on enhancing an age-old pain point for office technology customers: the unknowable wait periods for technician visits.

Read along to find out more about this feature and how it helps us offer best-in-class service to our customers.

What is TechTrack, and How Does It Work?

TechTrack is a feature that allows customers to track where their assigned technician is in real-time, so they have the exact time of when their installation or service will take place. It’s another way that we’re working to save you time.

With TechTrack, you’ll receive helpful, up-to-date notifications about your scheduled appointment, including:

  • An email confirmation as soon as the appointment has been created using either one of the available methods
  • An email notification when your technician has been dispatched to your address, with details such as the technician’s name, photo, contact details and the estimated time of arrival. Additionally, the email will include a link which will open a live map with real-time updates as the technician makes their way from their last service call to your location.

TechTracker App updates

For even greater convenience, you have the option of sharing the link that contains the live map. This means that if you are no longer able to be present during the scheduled appointment time and have found someone else to take your place, you can forward the link in your email to that person, and they will be able to see your technician’s updated arrival time. 

How Does TechTrack Benefit You?

With TechTrack, we’re able to overhaul and simplify your overall service call experience. Here are some ways it can benefit you:

1.     Saves Your Time

One in two Canadians feels they don’t have enough time in their day. Nearly half said they’d instead save time than money. Additionally, 89% of customers would switch to another provider if they felt the company was wasting their time.

We understand that you are busy, and your time is valuable. The last thing we want for you is to wait around for technicians to arrive. With up-to-date notifications from TechTrack, you will know when your technician is on the way so that you can plan accordingly and focus on the other things on your to-do list.

2.     Provides Transparency

Trying to understand the whereabouts of technicians at any given moment has traditionally been a pain point for customers. It can be challenging to know for sure when the technicians are completing their previous visit or when they are travelling to your location. With TechTrack, the line of communication between your field service technician and you is clearer, and there is no room for surprises. 

Overall, you’ll have a better understanding of what is being accomplished and when it will be completed.

3.      Keeps You In the Loop

When it comes to field service visits, we understand that it’s not just about managing the job at hand. We’re ultimately managing your experiences, and we want to do everything we can to put you in control to get help how you want. 

TechTrack allows us to offer our customers autonomy and a greater sense of control. Through our fully equipped self-service portal, you can now create service requests, view the status of work orders, track appointments, and complete documentation. 

In other words, you will be able to engage and communicate with our service team in real-time safely.

TechTrack: A Success Story

Since the addition of this new feature to our field service operations at the end of March this year, we’ve received an incredible amount of positive feedback from our customers. Here’s what they had to say.

‘’It’s like ‘Uber’ for technology support! The ability to know who in the team will be arriving, when they will get there and the jobs they will be doing really helps set my mind at ease.’’

 ’The new feature to track your technician is awesome and helps keep us in the loop about all our service call appointments.’’

’The TechTrack feature simplified everything – no more waiting, no more mystery, no more phone calls to check how far the technicians are.’’

Taking Field Service Customer Experience to The Next Level

A satisfying Office Interiors field service experience involves several integrated components, all of which come together to create a pleasing result. From our over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learnt when it comes to field service management, maintaining real-time communication with our customers is a crucial part of the experience – and TechTrack enables us to do just that.

We are hopeful that this game-changing technology will continue to reshape our customer service experiences for the better.

To read more about how we measure our customer service, click here or to place a service callclick here.

Ahona Saha
Marketing Assistant
Office Interiors

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