The 6 Best IT Services Companies in New Brunswick


Top IT service providers in NB

Organizations need to juggle many moving parts and functions: human resources, marketing, accounting, product development, sales, customer support, and more. One essential function that is unfortunately often overlooked is IT.  

Though we are Atlantic Canada’s trusted source for office furniture as well as office technology, we also pride ourselves in being our clients’ the go-to source for business-related information, even when we don’t directly provide the relevant products or services.

Instead of merely saying that we don’t provide these services, we wanted to create a trustworthy, unbiased, third-party source that our clients can consult when seeking out information regarding IT service providers in their area.

The Importance of Finding the Best IT Company

“IT” is a pretty broad term that can cover a wide range of needs for businesses. Many IT providers will help with network setup and management, device repair or deployment, as well as virus and malware protection. All of these are essential to operating a successful, productive business.

With the rise of cryptocurrency mining malware in 2018 as well as the vast sums of money paid out to hackers using ransomware, finding quality IT companies in New Brunswick has never been more critical.       

Here are some of the top companies to consider, in no particular order, based on our research.

1. General Data IT Professionals Ltd. – Saint John, N.B.

With 13 years in business and a team of certified professionals working for small and medium-sized companies, it’s clear why General Data has become one of the top choices among IT companies in New Brunswick.

From the most basic equipment deployments to more complicated networking needs, General Data IT Professionals is equipped to handle it all.

2. ComputerTech Experts – Fredericton, N.B.

Another IT company to consider in New Brunswick is ComputerTech Experts. They also offer a range of services to meet the most common needs of businesses including device repair and setup, network deployment, as well as data backup and recovery.

That last point is significant for businesses that deal with valuable data and need backup plans for the event of a cyber attack or storage failure that could cripple their operations.

3. McLean Micro – Saint John, N.B.

Unlike other companies on this list, McLean Micro focuses primarily on device setup and repair. There are two reasons we have chosen to include them on our list. First, they have exceptional customer reviews online. Customer service is important to us, and it is clearly important to McLean Micro.

Secondly, McLean Micro offers 24-hour on-call technician services. Unfortunately, many issues don’t occur during business hours and waiting for a repair is not always feasible. McLean Micro can send a technician out at any hour to diagnose and repair issues that could be delaying business.

4. MicroAge – Bathurst, N.B.

MicroAge is an IT services provider in New Brunswick that has locations nation-wide in addition to their local presence. One of the reasons to consider MicroAge is that their national footprint gives them the experience to draw on knowledge from across the country if a difficult or complicated situation may arise.

Another reason to consider MicroAge as the best IT company for your needs is their full-service offering. From basic repairs to complex network and malware protection, MicroAge can handle any IT job, big or small. This is important as the modern business landscape continues to change. Having an experienced partner like MicroAge on your side may be a great decision.

5. Absolute Computer Solutions – Moncton, N.B.

Another great full-service IT service provider in New Brunswick is Absolute Computer Solutions. Their IT consulting services cover some of the most crucial areas for businesses including networking, disaster recovery, device repair, and audits.

Another excellent service from Absolute Computer Solutions is their 24-hour availability. Every business knows that problems don’t always wait for the next business day and this handy service – when needed – may make Absolute Computer Solutions the best IT company for your needs.

6. BeckTek – Riverview, N.B.

Any time a CEO is willing to put their personal reputation on the line for their company, that’s usually a good sign. Scott Beck has a significant presence on the BeckTek website and puts his face next to their biggest promises.

For security solutions, data backup and recovery, phone services, and technology management trust BeckTek for exceptional service.

IT Service Recommendations from Office Interiors?

It may be strange to see this kind of blog post sandwiched between our other posts meant to help businesses choose from our services and products.

So, why would we take the time to do this?

We want to help our clients create the most productive work environment possible, whether or not we provide the services directly ourselves.

By connecting business owners with the IT companies in New Brunswick that they need, we can help deliver on our promise of making all businesses more productive, efficient, and successful.

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Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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