The Design Process…


Wouldn’t it be fabulous if design projects really worked as they do on television? Imagine, you sign a letter of approval and BAM – the designs are complete, the crew shows up and construction starts; 30-60 minutes later you have a beautiful new space custom to your wants and needs.

Design is not that easy and is so much more than colour, lighting and furnishings. Design is the fun process of investigation, analysis, understanding, and action to build purpose and usefulness into new creative ideas. Ultimately, creating a space that where you can truly love the way you work.

Here is a brief outline of the real phases an interior design project moves through so you know what to expect before you begin.

Programming Phase

  • Client survey
  • Inventory existing modular wall system, furnishings, fixtures & equipment
  • Photograph space(s)
  • Discussion of project budget & timeline

Design Development Phase

  • Suitable alternatives for space plans
  • Selection of; colour palette, wall coverings & systems, flooring, ceiling & window treatments, mouldings, furnishings & finishes
  • Client review & approval

Construction Documents & Administration Phase

  •  Finalize detailed design drawings
  • Order furnishings, fixtures, equipment, finishes & modular wall system
  • Presentation boards
  • Administration of documents for bidding; Review proposals with the client to ensure quality & fair pricing
  • Client review & approval

Construction Phase

  • Site visits
  • Oversee subcontractors; Ensure work is progressing on schedule & as planned
  • Coordinate delivery & installation
  • Client meetings

Project Completion Phase

  • Final walk through; List of missing or damaged goods
  • Instruct proper care & maintenance for all new components
  • Project sign off

Rachael Quackenbush
Intern Interior Designer
Office Interiors