Service that lives next door

Customer Satisfaction Technology

Every consumer of technology has gone through it at some point; your device breaks so you call the support line and get someone who isn’t in the same country let alone the same time zone.  They run you through a series of troubleshooting techniques and then when all else fails they tell you to go visit one of their physical stores and someone there can help you out.  But what if you don’t conveniently live in a metropolitan centre with one of their physical stores?  How much is it going to cost you to get someone to come to you and fix your device?  How long will you have to wait before that will happen?

We believe that our customers deserve better than that.  We believe that if we are going to do business with people in communities all across the Maritimes we should work and live in those communities as well.  We believe that just because you don’t live in Halifax or Moncton or Fredericton you shouldn’t be relegated to a lower standard of customer service.  Our service technicians who live and work remotely from communities all over rural New Brusnwick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Whether you live in Miramichi, Sydney, Annapolis Royal, Truro, Summerside, Edmundston, Charlottetown, Antigonish or Bridgewater you can rest assured that your local service technician will be there within 24 hours to get your device back up and running.  

Just because you don’t live in a city doesn’t mean your downtime is any less expensive.  Don’t settle for second rate customer service.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors