Expansive Review of the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

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Review of the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair

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While we do sell these chairs; the goal of these reviews isn’t to push you towards any specific chair.  We’ve tried our best to use only third-party data and keep our own opinions out of this Freedom task chair review as well as our other task chair reviews.

Specs of the Freedom Task Chair

The goal of the Humanscale Freedom task chair is simple – to design an office chair that adapts to the way we move and work. Reviews of Freedom chairs focus on this goal.

With this model, Humanscale simplifies the complex adjusting mechanisms, such as dials and levers, found on other chairs. Instead, the Freedom automatically adjusts to provide the support and comfort you need.

According to Humanscale, the Freedom task chair conforms to 95% of the population. All models can be customized as needed for your unique preferences. The base model has the following specifications:

  • Weight: 38 lbs. with arms/ 34 lbs. without arms
  • Total Chair Width: 27.25”
  • Total Base Width: 25”

You can select from a wide range of frame colours, including graphite and polished aluminum. You can also select from different textile materials, such as vellum, leather, and sensuede. The seat can be made of either standard foam or gel and comes in a range of textile colours.

Other options for the Freedom chair include fireproofing, soft casters, locking casters, or glides, and a range of arms and arm pads. Most Freedom chairs are purchased with a matching adjustable headrest. According to most Freedom chair reviews, this is a vital feature of the chair, and suggest using the headrest with the chair.

All the textiles and cushions on the chair come with a five-year, single shift use warranty. All other components have a 15-year warranty. Freedom chairs use recycled materials, both post-consumer and pre-consumer. They are made of less than 90 parts, minimizing the use of additional materials.

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Key Features of the Freedom Task Chair

The headrest, which comes with most of the Freedom chairs and is easily the most recognizable feature, and is considered an essential feature according to many reviewers. Adjusting the headrest is as easy as a simple push or pull.

Some users, many who admit they are used to other chairs, felt the headrest pushed your head too far forward. This can also lead users who aren’t actively sitting to lean too far forward and to slide in the seat. As this is largely a personal comfort and posture decision, it may be best to give the Freedom a “test drive” before you decide whether or not the headrest equipped model is right for you.

Pros and Cons of the Freedom Task Chair

Many Freedom chair reviews cite the intuitive controls of the chair. When you lean back, the seat automatically adjusts. When you turn to switch positions at your desk, the seat turns and locks in place at the angle you want. It’s simple and easy to use without the fuss, clicks, and effort you need with other chairs.

All that freedom does come with a price. There are few controls with the Freedom chair, so it is difficult, if not impossible, to lock the chair in place.

According to users, sometimes when you stretch, the chair will adjust, and you’ll suddenly find yourself leaning back too far. Push on the arms to stand up, and the arms will fall, causing you to stumble. Understanding the dynamics of the chair can take time to learn.

Humanscale freedom chair

Common Drawbacks of the Freedom Task Chair

The Freedom task chair is a high-end seat made of quality materials. However, one design flaw often identified in the reviews is the arms.

The arms are made of metal, as is the frame. The connector between the arm and the frame is plastic. This connector can break if you put too much pressure on it. It can also break if even a moderate amount of force is applied at the wrong angle.

Since many people use the arm of the chair to stand or move, the breaking arm happens more than it should. Sometimes the armrest will snap off the chair altogether.

Many of the reviews note that the chair is very intuitive and extremely comfortable. The problems with the arm have led them to remove the armrests and not replace them.

Videos and User Guides of the Freedom Task Chair

Prefer a quick video tutorial to a user guide?  Me too.  Check out the videos below for a brief breakdown of the chair’s core features and a demo on adjusting your new chair.

Humanscale Freedom Chair Overview

Humanscale Freedom Chair Adjustment Demo

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