Streamlining & Automating Manual Business Processes

Productivity Technology

On this project, we used a combination of software to sew together a comprehensive solution for Medavie Bluecross.

The Problem

Each month BlueCross sends out 20,000 renewal notices to the NS population to have them renew their Health Cards and to complete an Organ Donor registration card indicating if they would be an organ donor. The information collected on these forms must then be input into BlueCross’s data systems to update the customers’ records. Previously all steps to performing this task were completed manually. The forms were scanned for archive storage purposes.

The Solution

We provided a solution that could read the form and validate if it was completed successfully. Forms that are deemed to be incomplete are routed electronically to a queue where BlueCross staff manually inspect the forms and corrects them or contacts the customer if they are clear. Data collected is then filled in on the forms automatically for input into their data systems without keying all of the data manually.

The Results

  1. Approximately 60% of the forms are now processed automatically without operator intervention. (12,000 per month)
  2. Forms that are deemed incomplete are now managed/displayed through a queueing system for manual processing as opposed to the managing of paper.
  3. The audit trail shows when each record was viewed, by whom, and the actions are taken.
  4. Data extracted from each day’s processed files update BlueCross records each night.
  5. BlueCross runs analytics on the process showing performance indicators that ensure meeting of SLA with a client (Government of NS).
  6. Redesign of form and the new process has reduced mailing costs by approximately $100,000 per year as rejected forms no longer require new forms to be mailed to those customers.
    Blue Cross has also used this solution with other processes such as the Family PharmaCare and NS Drug Prescription program to automate the approval processing of paper documents generated by these programs.