Converting Documents in a Snap

Productivity Technology

On this project, we implemented eCopy Sharescan so that the customer could scan back to their workstation as a converted workable document.

The Problem

Colliers International like most organizations requires the recreating and editing of paper documents on occasion. This process is typically a manual process, which can quickly consume a person’s valuable time. Most documents are fine as is, but some need editing to create a completely new and different document. This problem is typical, and the requirement to collaborate and edit paper documents whether they are lease/sale contracts, RFP response requests, or any number of different paper documents is very important.

The Solution

We implemented a new Ricoh colour MFD (multi-function device) along with eCopy Sharescan. The solution gave them an upgraded MFD with better scanning functionality than their previous device. The solution also gave the client the scanning software they needed to help scan and convert documents to both Microsoft Word and Excel documents right from the scanning process, instead of the need for a third party go-between software such as Adobe Acrobat.

The Results

By implementing the scanning software for document conversion, we were able to help the customer reduce a tremendous amount of manual processes. Colliers employees use the software all the time and this has increased both employee productivity and office efficiencies. Now, instead of having to recreate the document from scratch, Colliers could use a current hard copy (paper) file and scan back to each user’s workstation not as typical PDF, but a Word or Excel document.