Getting What You Paid For (While Paying Less)

Phone Systems Technology

Following a discussion with a long term copier customer about our breadth of line, the customer was interested in what we had to offer in the way of a phone system to replace their current one.

The Problem

Five years ago A & J Hann Construction had built a new office and was sold a new IP phone system under the premise that it was the latest and greatest technology and that it would put them ahead of the curve. After finally settling into their new environment they soon realized that they were paying for four phone lines, but that only one phone line was actually working.

They also realized that the new technology of the IP phones was in fact no different from the regular phones that others were using. After repeated attempts to have their provider correct the issue that not all the phone lines were working properly, the customer had been on the lookout for a solution and was not satisfied with what they were seeing as options in the marketplace.

The Solution

We were able to provide a Digital Phone System instead of an IP System, as this is the system that actually fits the customer’s needs. This system included a total of eleven phones, three of which are able to serve as an intercom in the bay areas of the building. These eleven phones are able to work over all four of their phone lines that are now functioning properly.

We were also able to assess their current phone bill with their existing provider and put them in touch with a competitive provider who outlined for them cost savings per line were they to switch over their business. The savings incurred from this competitor will actually pay for the cost of the new phone system and provide them with continued monthly savings moving forward.

The Results

The customer is very happy with the new phone system as it now fits the needs of their environment, they are now receiving the service they had been paying for all along, and they have actually reduced their overall expenditure. They are actually so happy with the new phone system that they have reached out to order two additional phones.