Improving Auditory Privacy Without Giving Up On The Open Office

Furniture Productivity

In 2016 we provided Money Finder with space planning services, as well as seating and carpet, as part of an overall space solution.

The Problem

Money Finder is a Financial Technology Company, specializing in cash flow planning training for financial professionals. A growing business, they had recently relocated to a beautiful space in the Penthouse of 1888 Brunswick Street, overlooking the Old Town Clock on Citadel Hill. The space did present challenges for their style of business. The flooring was all vinyl tile, the ceiling was high and open with no ceiling tile, they are surrounded on three sides by windows, and all of their interior offices have glass walls. All of this meant absolutely no soft surfaces to absorb sound. With their open office concept environment for the sales and customer service departments, the smallest sound just bounced around in the space, causing echoes and disruptions.

The Solution

Not wanting to give up their open concept, we met with Stephanie Holmes-Winton to review options for adding features that would absorb sound. Matching her colour theme for both the Sales and Customer Service space, we provided carpet tile from Mohawk and seating from SitOnIt. Stephanie also coordinated custom acoustical canopies from ezoBord to tie in with the colour scheme and provide additional sound absorption. Combining these tools with our space planning services we were able to design an interesting and engaging layout with significantly improved auditory privacy.

The Results

In the end, they were able to achieve their primary objective for the project (improved sound absorption, reduced echoing and improved auditory privacy) without having to sacrifice any of the characteristics of the space that had attracted them to it in the first place. Money Finder now enjoys a very modern and cool space that works great for them, and we were able to achieve our Mission, to help our customers create productive work environments.