Getting Out of a Bad Situation


A Ricoh MFP was used to replace a customer’s competitive product.

The Problem

Aucoin Renovations had a unit from one of our competitors that they were, as a group, very unhappy with. The feeder had jamming issues, the scanner glass was scratched and they felt that service was slow and unable to fix some recurring issues. The customer was blamed by their provider for scratching the glass and told that there would be a significant charge with labour costs to fix it. Overall, the customer was not very happy but knew they had two years left on the lease of the unit.

The Solution

After meeting with the customer and completing a site survey, it was determined that by using promotional pricing from Ricoh and help from our leasing partner their unit could be replaced without significantly increasing the customer’s current commitment. Once the Aucoin Renovations team approved the proposal, we went ahead and installed a brand new Ricoh MPC2004. Our local service technicians took care of the installation, demonstration and training. The customer actually mentioned that they were impressed with the small learning curve, and how glitch-free the installation was.

The Result

Aucoin Renovations is completely comfortable with their new Ricoh MPC2004. All staff are printing and scanning on the network. Everyone even has their own unique scan to email icon to streamline networked scanning. Most importantly though, they have had absolutely no jamming issues, internal and external scanning is working perfectly!