Creating Flexible Student Work Spaces


Haworth Unigroup system workstations were utilized to create effective study spaces for students on the 4th Floor of the Goldberg Computer Science Building, Dalhousie University.

The Problem

Enrolment in the Faculty of Computer Science has increased substantially in the past 10 years. The Faculty has been using freestanding tables with screens that were repurposed from other areas. Space was poorly used, confusingly laid out, and uninviting. Key challenges included a lack of privacy; difficulty in reconfiguring; lack of cohesive design; and ineffective use of limited floor space.

Dalhousie University wanted to achieve a higher calibre solution, one which would fully take advantage of the space to meet the needs of current students and faculty as well as attract future students to the Faculty. To meet their short-term requirements, they required new workstations for 20 students.

The Solution

We met with the Facilities Lead to assess their current and future needs. Considerations of budget and timeframe (fiscal year-end) were paramount. However, we did not want to lose sight of the key objectives. Unigroup was selected for its ease of installation; its simplicity of design; its ease of reconfiguration; its high value; moderate cost; and its long life-cycle. Floor plans and colour renderings were prepared and presented. After some minor modifications, a final design was confirmed and approved.

The Results

Since the initial installation (March 2016) the client has expressed a high level of satisfaction with the solution: space is inviting, welcoming, and – most importantly – in high demand. In 2017, the client has decided to move forward with a second phase, to match the first phase, thereby increasing the capacity by an additional 16 workstations.