Consolidating a Mixed-Brand Fleet of MFPs


Key Murray Law was ready to replace their MFPs, each of which was sourced from different vendors. They also own cost recovery software (Paper Cut) through a competitor.

The Problem

The challenge for the customer is not only that their machines were getting old; they did not like the network towers that Paper Cut was installed on. Our competitor had installed Paper Cut onto the towers because they could not embed the software into the variety of MFPs from different vendors that Key Murray Law owned. This set our competitor up nicely to flip the machines out and embed the software into the MFP as they knew these towers were a pain point for Key Murray Law employees, requiring each employee to carry around a swipe card just to open up and record data in the Paper Cut software.

The Solution

We continued to speak with the customer and explain that we are also a dealer for Paper Cut and they were not limited to just one vendor when upgrading their devices as they had previously been led to believe. By maintaining regular contact with the Key Murray team we gathered all the information we needed to verify that our new MFP’s could embed the Paper Cut software and thus eliminate the need for towers to house the software.

The Results

The customer is now enjoying the benefits of their new technology (faster speeds, cost savings and reduced physical footprint) because we were able to upgrade their MFPs to devices that could have the software directly embedded into the MFP. Furthermore, the employee swipe cards are gone and staff is able to use a four-digit personal code along at the MFP to record directly into the Paper Cut software.