“Quickstand” by Humanscale is clearly a Hit!


Folks, you likely have heard in the media more than once recently the evidence supporting improving health by not sitting all day at work.  Standing for roughly 15 minutes per hour through the use of a “sit-stand” device makes that both easy and possible.  Until now, free standing tables or desks were the only answer.  With Quickstand, you get a device that retrofits to any existing desk or work-surface and comes complete with a wire management system for a clean look.  Oh yes, and cost is approximately 50% of the cheapest free standing units on the market.

Read the email below that we recently received from a customer; it says it all!

“Thank you for your kind e-mail.  With regards to my QuickStand: I didn’t think it was possible for me to love an inanimate object as much as I love the QuickStand.  Previous to this, I loved my car (A 2004 Toyota Camry with 290,000kms on it, which I named “Debbie”) more than any other soulless object.  After you and Chris installed the QuickStand, I noticed an immediate improvement in my overall quality of life.  I haven’t had a tense back in weeks, I feel more energetic at work and I actually think it’s helping correct some body alignment issues I’ve been having, as evidenced by the fact that my hips don’t hurt nearly as much as they did in the past. (As the wise Colombian philosopher “Shakira” once spoke: “My hips don’t lie”.)  I’ve mentioned the improvements to co-workers and my manager and all are quite happy with my progress.  They are, however, a bit taken off guard when I insist they greet the QuickStand workstation by bowing to it when vising my cubicle and they’re a little miffed when I forcefully suggest they leave it offerings of gratitude and respect.  One co-worker left a Will Smith CD…..he went home that night and nobody’s seen him since….

As far as if I’d like to keep it, the answer is yes.  I’d like to have this, or something like it every time I have to work at a computer.  It’s phenomenal.  I want it at home with me if I could manage it.  I’d like to take it on holiday with me.  Dive the Great Barrier Reef with it.  Get drunk with it at a bar in Thailand while we challenge members of the Russian Navy to a game of “Don’t Get Deported”.

So yes. I love this thing. it’s awesome, and I want to keep it.”

Contact us or drop by our showroom for your demo today, your body will love you for it.

Jim Mills
President & CEO
Office Interiors

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