Office Interiors is Going Green

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Here at Office Interiors, we have considered our role in the massive use of paper generated and received yearly and find this a perfect time to “Go Green.”  “Go Green” marks the beginning of many changes for us as a company and we hope that you will appreciate our commitment to taking paper out of the “cycle” in a significant fashion.

Effective February 2017, we are pleased to announce and implement “paperless” E-billing, our new electronic and environmentally friendly billing program.

Enrolment is easy!   If you are an authorized account administrator, just contact us at, and provide us with your email address and company name.  Conversion will begin with your very next invoice.  

We certainly appreciate your continued business, support and understanding as we move forward with the new initiative.  If you have any questions about getting started or about the Paperless program, do not hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to assist.

Nathalie Lavoie
Invoicing Coordinator
Office Interiors