Office Interiors Carbon Offset Program


Personally and professionally, sustainable environmental practices are important to us. Our efforts have resulted in providing our customer environmentally sustainable solutions and nurturing long-term relationships with global partners who are world leaders in environmentally friendly products.

Having said this, Office Interiors recognizes that even when partnering with environmentally conscious suppliers it is still impossible to fully eliminate any negative impact to the environment, we can only minimize it. That is why we have developed the Office Interiors Carbon Offset Program.

Our Carbon Offset Program uses Voluntary Offset Methodology Protocol to calculate the carbon emission impact to the environment. We then source the required amount of carbon offsets to ensure that our offering to our customer has absolutely no impact to the environment.

A carbon offset is a certificate that represents a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is purchased by Office Interiors, on behalf of, and in the name of the customer we are doing business with.

A carbon offset is a real, and permanent reduction of a greenhouse gas emission. Developed to compensate or “offset” an equivalent greenhouse gas emission from another source that cannot be easily eliminated by improved efficiency, conservation initiatives or changes in behaviour, carbon offsets help mitigate global warming.

Offsets are expressed in units of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent. For direct carbon dioxide emissions, this is straightforward, but other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide have impact on the atmosphere many times more powerful than carbon dioxide, so each tonne of their emissions represents many CO2 equivalents.

Offsets can be created when projects are undertaken to permanently reduce GHG emissions such as retrofitting of a building, reduction of consumption of fossil fuels, or the displacement of non-renewable energy source like a wind turbine. Offsets have to be “additional”, which means that the project that created them would not have processed without the funding provided by the sale of the GHG reductions.

Office Interiors ensures that brokers we deal with for purchasing carbon offsets are investing in projects that meet stringent validation criteria. We then purchase the offsets in the name of the customer that we are conducting our project with.

Our investigations indicate that we may very well be the first company in our industry in North America to have launched such an initiative and introduced it to our customers.

Office Interiors’ is proud to be offering this program and we feel that we are differentiating ourselves from others in our commitment to the environment.

Ron Taylor
Director of Operations
Office Interiors