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Collaboration Space: The ToDo Room

Collaboration is one of the most important tools a business can utilize. After all, two (or more) heads are better than one, right? Working together fosters creativity and problem-solving, so it is important to have spaces in the workplace that encourage meaningful collaboration.

This is one thing we kept in mind when designing our new office. The new building features two smaller rooms for up to four people to collaborate, a boardroom that seats ten, and the ToDo room which comfortably seats thirteen.

Of these spaces, the ToDo room is definitely the most versatile, and for good reason; it was made to do things in! Read on to see how we designed this room to be used for almost any purpose.


The ToDo room is named after the Haworth ToDo chair. The room is composed of thirteen of these chairs, which makes the space extremely versatile. The ToDo chair is a comfortable armchair, far from what you would expect in a workspace, but its features make it practical as well as comfy. Small swivelling desk surfaces on the arms of the chairs allow for note-taking or the use of a laptop without the need of a space-hogging table. These surfaces can be placed on either side of the chair to accommodate right and left-handed people. The other side of the chair is equipped with a cupholder for your morning coffee.

The biggest feature that makes these chairs so versatile is their wheels. Being on wheels makes the chairs easily moveable and allows the room to be quickly reorganized for any sort of activity. Need space to move around? Move the chairs to the side. Have a presentation afterwards? Wheel them back into rows.

Haworth ToDo Chair


The room has some other cool features that make collaboration quick and simple. A giant monitor at the front with Clickshare technology allows for easy presenting. Clickshare buttons can be plugged into the HDMI port of a laptop, and with a couple of mouse clicks your screen is broadcast for the room to see. Simply plug the Clickshare button into another laptop and switching between presentations is a breeze.

The wall across from the monitor is made of a markerboard material, making a huge whiteboard for sharing ideas. With the moveability of the chairs, it is easy to flip back and forth between notes on the whiteboard and presentations on the screen.

Front of ToDo room


When designing the office, we tried to incorporate as much biophilic design as we could, especially when it came to natural lighting. The ToDo room is no exception. Large windows along the back wall provide lots of natural light, and the entire front wall of the room is made of glass modular walls, which really open up a space and make it feel less cramped when it is full of people.

Speaking of modular walls, another thing that makes the room so versatile is that it can literally be moved. If we ever decide that we need to add another door, or even move the room to an entirely new location across the office, it can be done in a day!

There are multiple types of collaboration, and the ToDo room is definitely designed for doing. The room is so versatile that it can really be used for anything. From morning team briefings to working one-on-one with a coworker, the ToDo room is made to get things done.

Want to check out the ToDo room? Our entire office is a “working showroom”. You can come in, take a look around, and see some of the products we offer are used in a real office environment.

Jonah MacEachern
Sales & Marketing Support
Office Interiors

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