What Services Do You Need When Moving to a New Workspace?

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Planning on moving into a new workspace? Maybe your company has outgrown your office or you are just looking for some updated scenery. 

No matter the size or reason for your move, you may find it overwhelming trying to arrange everything you need to do and all the services you will require. 

It is easy to overlook important factors that will make a huge difference on moving day. For example, forgetting to arrange for a professional to safely disconnect your data feeds could put you behind schedule when you realize too late that you can’t do it yourself.  

Time is money and when your day-to-day business is interrupted by moving to a new location, you need the process to go smoothly and exactly as planned. That is why we compiled a few of the most important companies/services to remember when planning your move. 

The Right Moving Company 

Businesses will often attempt to move by themselves to save money on moving companies. Very small businesses with little equipment may benefit from this, but if you have a lot of furniture and equipment, the time spent moving yourself could cost more than hiring a mover.  It is important to weigh the cost of each option, but in most cases hiring a mover will actually be more cost effective. 

If you go with a professional mover, you have a couple of choices. You will more than likely want to go with a commercial moving company. Most large businesses will be familiar with commercial movers, but if you are a smaller business you may not be familiar with the difference between them and residential movers. 

A large percent of moving companies are residential. These companies focus on the more common type of move: house-to-house. 

Commercial movers on the other hand, focus on businesses. They have the equipment and vehicles to move valuable items like computers and copiers, and the knowledge to do so safely. Commercial movers are also used to dealing with the time sensitive nature of business relocations, meaning it is safe to bet that they will have you in your new office and ready to work as soon as possible. 

Another service you may want to look for is that of a green moving company.  

Green movers focus on making the moving process as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of the features of a green moving company include providing reusable packing options that they collect once you have moved and driving vehicles that run on biodiesel fuel.   

Green movers will also likely have lots of information on where and how to donate items that still have life in them and may even be able to donate the items for you, reducing your waste and benefiting others at the same time. 

The Right Tech Experts 

If you are moving to a new office space, chances are you have a lot of electronics to take with you. This also means lots of wires, cables, and data feeds that you may not even know the purpose of. Luckily, there are a variety of people who do have the know-how to safely get your electronics to your new location.  

Here are the most important tech experts you may need depending on your business: 

  • Electrician – An electrician may be required to disconnect power feeds that could be integrated within furniture and workstations and reconnect them at your new location. 
  • Network/Data Tech – Similar to an electrician, a network/data tech may be needed to disconnect and reconnect data feeds. 
  • IT Component Specialists – IT specialists may be required to disconnect and reconnect computers safely. If your company operates using laptops or simple computer setups you may be able to move your equipment yourself, but if your company uses a more complicated computer system you may need to hire professionals. 
  • Imaging Equipment Tech  A specialist may be required to disconnect and safely move printers, copiers, or MFPs which can be large and very delicate. Even if you think you can handle it yourself, doing so could void the warranty, so make sure you check your warranty details before touching anything.                                                                                               

The Right Clean Up Crew 

Moving is a messy process, figuratively and literally. A lot of waste gets stirred up and you will probably discover a mountain of things that you just don’t need anymore. You can end up with as much stuff that you want to leave behind as you want to take, and it may be more than you can handle on your own.  

Here are some services that you will likely need to help clean up as you move. 

Physical Waste Removal 

quick web search will likely reveal multiple waste removal services in your area. These companies can collect trash that accumulates during the moving process, as well as a variety of larger objects like furniture and appliances that you can’t put out on garbage day.  


  • Confirm that the company you are hiring is able to handle your type of waste (ex. Electronics vs furniture vs hazardous). 
  • Dig into the recycling policy of the firm you are hiring, how are they going to dispose of your waste? 

 Document Removal/Paper Shredding 

While you are packing is the perfect time to go through all your physical documents and clean out what you no longer need, rather than haul anything unneeded to your new office space. You will likely come across a lot of documents that you feel comfortable getting rid of.  

Before throwing them in the recycling though, check for confidential information. Chances are that most paperwork will have some sort of confidential information on it. You may have a shredder that can do the job, but if your pile is more than your office shredder can handle, a professional shredding service will send a truck to your office and can handle even the largest stockpiles. 

Bonus Tip – Don’t Forget to Change Your Address… Everywhere! 

There are a ton of places that you need to update with your new address once you have moved. Government websites and your company website are obvious, but there are many more places that you may forget about. 

 For example: 

  • All social media pages
  • Any review site that references your company 
  • Anywhere you send an automatic payment 

Check out this full list of places to update when you move. 

If you have reached the end of this article and have further questions, please reach out to us! Our team has lots of experience moving and installing office furniture and technology, and we would love to answer any questions you have. Just reach out!

 Jonah MacEachern
Sales and Marketing Support
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