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Most popular office window covering styles

Renovation and construction costs are skyrocketing. It pays to design, build, and furnish your space correctly the first time. A single mistake can reduce your office productivity and leave you with regrets.

A recent study determined that the average cost to renovate standard office space is $200 per square foot. If you decide to add special features or high-end furnishings, your price will be even higher.

If you don’t have the budget to renovate the whole office, window coverings can still give the space a “cleaned up” look without the renovation costs.  It may be a small change, but it can be a powerful transformation for your workspace.

In this article, we will look at five of the most popular office window coverings in the market today. We’ll examine the features and benefits of each so that when it comes time to finish your dream office design, you’ll be ready to select a window covering with confidence.

The Best Window Coverings for your Office

The first step in selecting the best window covering for your office is identifying your priorities. This is not always an easy choice. Every office is different. Some office locations may have unique challenges, like abundant sunshine or a loud roadway next-door. Your business may also have unique requirements like increased privacy or a pleasing public space for guests.

Before selecting your office window covering, you should determine those requirements. Examine your priorities, and speak with the other workers in your office. Make sure you have all the available information before making a final decision.

The Most Popular Office Window Coverings

Design trends are continually changing. The city or province where your office is located can affect the choice in window coverings. Your industry can also affect trends. Today, many businesses have moved away from maximizing utility in the office to embracing a staff- and worker-centric design.

Leaders are looking for designs that increase office happiness to motivate productivity and staff retention. This design trend has influenced the list of prevalent office window coverings. You’ll find both classic options as well as trendy choices.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum mini blinds by hunter douglas

There is a good reason why standard aluminum mini blinds are still one of the most popular choices for an office. They are affordable and extremely durable, if not the most stylish option on the list.

Modern aluminum blinds come in a wide range of colours and finishes – including metallic finishes and earth tones. You can find both corded and cordless options. Mini blinds are now fade-resistant and suitable for any region. They are also easier to clean than many of the office window coverings on this list.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb shades – a style of cellular shades – provide insulation for the office, making them an excellent option for businesses looking to save money. The honeycomb cells trap air and insulate the window – where as much as one-third of thermal loss occurs.

While they may be a little more expensive than the other window coverings on the list, you will appreciate the reduced energy costs. The clean lines and sophisticated appearance are also a benefit.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades by Sunproject

While they may not be the most exciting office window covering, the classic roller shade is still fashionable. They are a low-cost, and useful, way to manage light in the office. Modern treatments make it easy to incorporate a roller shade window covering into almost any office design scheme or style. They also come in multiple formats for additional functionality and are easy to install.

Solar Screen and Solar Shades

Solar Shades by Hunter Douglas

Solar shades and solar screen window coverings may be more expensive than some of the other window coverings in this review. However, they provide benefits you won’t find in different styles. Offices that struggle with expensive cooling bills due to an abundance of direct sunlight can increase energy efficiency with a solar screen or shade.

The window covering is made of a fabric designed to reduce solar performance, which will cool the office even in direct sunlight. In addition to offering a range of shading options to choose from, the screen or shade is stylish and beautiful.

The solar fabric will reduce glare from sunlight, increasing employee comfort and productivity. This is critical for reducing glare on computer screens in bright offices.


Alumatek Shutters by Sunproject

Almost everyone has used a standard shutter before. They are still a go-to solution for many office window coverings. A shutter is durable, affordable and easy to install.

It is simple to clean and comes in a wide range of treatments – everything from faux wood which can give your office a traditional look, to a dense, dark, high-end modern look that can transform almost any space.

An added benefit of the shutter is privacy. No other window covering can provide the security and quiet that a shutter can.

A Final Word on Office Window Coverings

Don’t throw away money when renovating and designing your office. Start by determining your critical needs and requirements before selecting an office window covering.

Many of the best office window coverings on this list offer both a beautiful aesthetic and unique functionality. Finding the perfect window covering shouldn’t be difficult with a little preparation.

Did you know that access to natural light at work can improve your sleep and overall health?

Cory Porteous
Director of Marketing & Inbound Business Development
Office Interiors

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