The 6 Most Popular Desk & Table Edge Styles Available Today


Popular Desk and Table Edge Styles

Choosing the right table edge is an important decision when selecting furniture for your office. A table edge says a lot about the work that you do and the style you would like to present to your customers. Not only is a table edge about looks, but it’s also about functionality.

Looking at the many table edge styles can be a shock to the senses at first. Most people never think about the options until it’s time to choose and they are unaware of the number of options available.

Luckily, each style has its own unique purpose and understanding your needs can help narrow down the options significantly. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular styles and explain why you may want to consider these table edge styles when choosing furniture.

The 6 Most Popular Table Edge Styles

1. Flat Table Edge

Flat Table Edge

The flat profile is exactly as the name suggests. The edge of the table is aligned with the surface to create a sharp, flat appearance. This is a modern style that looks clean without drawing attention to the table edge.

If you are considering a flat table edge, then you are likely looking for a more neutral edge. The flat edge looks nice but does not add a lot to either the design or the functionality of the table, making it a rather safe and reliable option.

2. Knife Edge

Knife Table Edge

If you are looking for bold style, then you will love the knife edge style of the table edge. Much like a knife, this table edge is very thin at the edges with a slope beneath the edge of the table. The result is a modern, sharp style that is sure to make a statement.

Choosing a urethane material for the knife edge style gives the table a soft touchy feel despite its sharp, bold style. First impressions are very important and, if style is important to you, this is a great option to choose.

3. Bullnose Table Edge

Bullnose Table Edge

The bullnose table edge is one of the most classic table edge styles you can choose from. It is a sleek design that looks professional in almost any setting. In addition, you can choose from several different materials to best suit your needs.

The bullnose table edge may be one of the most versatile table edges you can choose for your furniture. It looks at home in almost any office or setting. Simply choose the right finish to match the appearance you wish to present and enjoy your new furniture!

4. Comfort Table Edge

Comfort Table Edge

The comfort table edge style is a more elongated version of the bullnose. This is the perfect choice for, well, comfort. There is ample area for people to rest their arms while they sit through a meeting or training session. Therefore, this is one of the best table edge styles for boardroom tables, collaborative workstations, and training spaces.

The gentle slope of the comfort table edge does not draw attention to itself, but it still looks professional and sleek at the same time. Along with the bullnose edge, the comfort edge is another great choice when versatility is the priority.

5. Ogee Table Edge

Ogee Table Edge

If you are looking for something with a little more personality, then you may want to consider the ogee table edge. This edge offers a more intricate design perfect for desks or tables that will be the focal point of the room.

Executive desks are a perfect place to make use of the ogee table edge. The edges will remind people of an upscale dining table or a high-class office desk. A wood finish truly completes this professional look.

6. No-Drip Table Edge

No Drip Table Edge

Do you work in an area where a spilled cup of coffee could do a lot of damage? We are talking more than just steam cleaning the carpets. In that case, you may want to consider the no-drip table edge that keeps liquids and other materials on the table surface while protecting everything around and below the table.

We can’t promise you won’t ever have another spill in your office. However, with a no-drip table edge, you can at least be confident a damaging spill will be contained.

Where Table Edge Styles Meet Functionality

A table edge style is about more than just appearance. The functionality of the table edge can help you make the most of your workspace.

Have more questions about which table edge is right for your office? Check out our article on the most popular table edge material choices.

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