Are Leather Task Chairs Worth Their Premium Price? [Pros and Cons]


Leather task chair pros and cons comparison

Of all the furniture used in an office throughout the day, the lowly chair is often the unsung hero of the office. A quality task chair can make working much more comfortable and enjoyable, yet it often doesn’t get the love it deserves.

This article is going to be dedicated to the chairs that (literally) have the backs of their user’s day in and day out. After all, the importance of an ergonomic chair for employees who sit a lot is proven.

When shopping for a new task chair, there are the apparent considerations given to colour, price, and comfort. Ultimately, the buying decision of leather task chairs versus other materials like mesh or fabric task chairs boils down to the question: what’s the real difference between these chairs and what should buyers consider about leather office chairs before making their purchase?

Here are the leather task chair pros and cons for buyers that are in the market for a comfortable, supportive chair that’s ready to work hard every single day.

Leather Task Chair Pros

Leather task chairs have a lot of things going for them that can make them an excellent choice for offices that need to invest in new furniture for their employees. A chair will be used regularly and is arguably one of the most critical pieces of equipment in an office.

Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Are Important

One of the main draws when considering leather task chairs is the appearance. There is just something about leather that looks professional and upscale when compared with other fabrics. This is especially important in an office for professionals or executives that may be sitting with clients and want to put forward an elevated aesthetic.

Of course, looks shouldn’t take precedence over comfort, ergonomics, and budget constraints. However, if a leather task chair checks off all the boxes, then the appearance may be the final checkbox needed to help nail down a buying decision.

Easy to Clean and Care For

A wide range of different leathers is used for furniture like task chairs. The type of leather used can influence durability and appearance but, generally, leather is easier to maintain than other fabrics. This can be important when looking for a long-lasting task chair that won’t need to be replaced.

Cleaning leather task chairs is much easier than other task chairs made of more absorbent materials such as upholstery. A spilled coffee can be quickly wiped away with a damp rag, and there should be no lasting smells or damage to worry about.

On the other hand, an upholstered task chair will quickly absorb spills into the cushion on the chair. Cleanup is far more difficult, and over time, smells could linger despite the best cleaning efforts.

Comfort is King

Comfort is typically the primary consideration when buying a task chair. After all, many people will spend the bulk of their workday sitting in their chair, so this could be one of the most essential furniture investments a business can make for their staff.

When it comes to comfort, it’s tough to match the feel of leather. Its soft, smooth texture is unmatched by other materials.  That’s not to say different fabrics can’t be comfortable. There is just an extra bit of luxury that leather provides when settling in for a long day at the office.

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Leather Task Chair Cons

Like with any product, there will be some things that may give pause when buying a leather task chair. Keep this list of leather task chair cons in mind to make an informed decision for your office.

Keeping Cool is Cool

Arguably the biggest downside to choosing leather task chairs for an office is breathability. Leather does not allow for nearly as much airflow as other materials and, as a result, can feel hot or sticky on warm days. In an office with poor air conditioning, a leather task chair can be uncomfortable during the summer months, especially those who tend to sweat more.

Luxury Costs More

Leather is a more luxurious material than, for example, mesh or most upholstery. Like with any luxury product, that enhanced appearance and comfort generally come with a higher price tag. For businesses looking to outfit an entire office that may not see a lot of customers visiting, that level of luxury may simply be too much for the budget to handle.

Ethical Considerations

Leather is an animal product, and some people may have concerns about using leather products. This is ultimately a personal concern and does not change the quality or usability of leather. Alternatively, you can also use faux leather materials which eliminate any animal welfare concerns but come with their own unique drawbacks.

Finding the Right Leather Task Chairs

After weighing out the leather task chair pros and cons, there may still be some lingering questions about the right chair for your needs.  Take a look at this article on the five key considerations for buying the perfect chair to learn how to select the best chair for your needs.

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