Considering a Konica Minolta Printer? Read This Review First

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Considering a Konica Minolta Printer? Read This Review First

Like many other leading printer brands, Konica Minolta has received accolades and awards for its products and services. Over the years, the company has won numerous awards for its bizhub® copier and printer lines. It was also recently awarded a prestigious Customer Loyalty Award for the twelfth year in a row.

Let’s take a look at the company and why its products are attracting so much attention.

A Brief History of Konica Minolta

Konica dates back to 1873 when its founder first started selling photographic materials in Tokyo. By 1900, the company had developed its first camera, and in 1971 it introduced Japan’s first plain paper copier.

It went on to become a leader in high-speed, high-quality document management systems and imaging products. In 2003, Konica merged with Minolta, a camera and photocopier manufacturer. Konica Minolta is now a global company that sells products and services in 160 countries.

Konica Minolta Copiers and Printers

The company offers a diverse product line with devices for a wide range of businesses, from small and medium-sized companies to global enterprises. It’s also a market leader in several industry sectors, including higher education, K-12 and healthcare.

Konica Minolta’s most popular products are its bizhub MFP colour and monochrome devices. These copiers and printers have won many awards and get consistently positive reviews from other industry experts.

Why Choose Konica Minolta?

Here are five reasons to consider Konica Minolta printers or copiers:

  1. User-friendly – It’s hard to beat Konica Minolta copiers and printers when it comes to ease-of-use. The devices have a large touchscreen interface with clearly labelled buttons that allow for simple, one-touch copying. As well, all Konica Minolta photocopiers use the bizhub open platform, which means once you learn the basics of one copier, it’s easy to use any other device in the line, whether it’s a simple desktop multifunction printer or complex copying system.
  2. Convenient – Some Konica Minolta models have an i-Option add on, which turns a standard copier into a smart copier with complete internet access. The LED display becomes a web browser, enabling you to upload documents to any database or web page.
  3. Efficient – The devices have print management features that allow you to track printer usage, restrict colour printing and use authentication to ensure documents only print when the correct person arrives.
  4. Sustainable – Konica Minolta has an excellent environmental track record. It was the first company to receive the Blue Angel ecolabel in the field of copying in 1992. And in 2009, the company announced its EcoVision 2050, a set of long-term goals to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent over the product life cycle. The company has also been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the past six consecutive years. 
  5. Innovative – The company recently announced its new IT platform called Workplace Hub. It’s an all-in-one device, which unifies all an organization’s IT-related needs into a single centralized platform. The Hub combines a multifunction printer, data storage, advanced cybersecurity features, an HP Enterprise server and Wi-Fi access points into a single device. In June 2019, the company also announced a next-generation, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled multifunction printer line called the bizhub i-Series.

What People Say About Konica Minolta Copiers and Printers

Each year, a loyalty and engagement consultancy called Brand Keys releases its Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. When it awarded Konica Minolta the 2019 Brand Loyalty Award in the MFP Office Copier category, the group called the company’s twelfth win “an extraordinary accomplishment” and praised it for being able to keep up with customer expectations as well as anticipate industry trends.

One of the company’s most popular models Is the bizhub C368 printer, which this reviewer called “the perfect device to proficiently manage all your printing.” The device was also praised on its excellent performance, versatility, convenience and cutting-edge features that support connectivity with cloud services and mobile devices.

As for the potential downside of buying Konica Minolta, the primary complaint found on review site, Better Buys, was Konica Minolta MFPs’ lack of standard features like wireless connectivity and automatic document feeders. Unlike other brands on the market, those features were only available as options on the models it reviewed.

And if you’re researching Konica Minolta’s customer service track record, you’ll see some of its online ratings aren’t good. For example, this customer service scoreboard website rated the manufacturer’s customer service “disappointing.” While every company is bound to have some dissatisfied customers, it might be wise to purchase through a reputable dealer or reseller so that you don’t need to rely on the manufacturer to provide your customer service.

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Alternatively, if you still haven’t settled on any one brand, you can check out the rest of our series reviewing the major copier and printer manufacturers.

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