How well do you know your printing environment?


Many people don’t realize just how much money is being spent on printing within their organization.  It’s easy to find out how much you pay quarterly leasing your devices and to find out the CPC rate on your service contract but that is merely the tip of the iceberg.  Gartner estimates that printing accounts for approximately one to three percent of a company’s operating expenses!  If that number surprises you, you may not know your printing environment as well as you think.

After years of providing Managed Print Services and helping organizations optimize their printing infrastructure and budget, we have created a list of questions that we feel need to be answered to consistently control and optimize printing processes and budgets:

  1. How many printers, copiers or multifunction devices does your organization have?
  2. Which printers are being used most or least often and by which employees?
  3. How old and what is the life count on each device?
  4. Which devices require the largest amount of service?
  5. How much time is spent on information technology (IT) troubleshooting printing issues or maintaining the devices and their supplies?
  6. How many total pages does your organization print or copy per year?
  7. How many employees in your office use your printers or copiers?
  8. How many total pages does each of your employees print?
  9. What applications are being used for printing?
  10. Are the print jobs single or multiple pages? What is the ratio?
  11. How many pages are printed in colour and black and white?
  12. How much does it cost to print or copy each of these pages?

Have we piqued your interest?  Great!  We also wrote a guide that breaks down the ins and outs of controlling printing costs within any organization.  Click here to download the Complete Guide to Controlling Printing Costs!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors