What is a Phone Audit & How Can it Improve Office Communication?

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What is a Phone Audit?

Many assume that it’s good enough if their office phone system works. However, in today’s technologically advanced world, having a functional system doesn’t necessarily mean the phone performs at its best.

Office phone systems have evolved significantly, embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communication (UC). This evolution underscores the need for businesses to evaluate and audit their phone system regularly. These assessments go beyond routine maintenance and can reveal a lot of information about your phone system.

Think of a phone assessment as an extensive diagnostic tool that delves into every facet of your phone technology, much like a comprehensive X-ray. This article will share six compelling reasons why prioritizing auditing your office phone systems is essential.

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Benefits of Conducting a Phone Audit

Cost Optimization

A phone assessment can help you identify and eliminate unused or underutilized phone lines and services. Over time, organizations may accumulate redundant extensions, outdated fax lines or services that are no longer essential. By removing these unnecessary resources, organizations can reduce expenses.

With these insights, you can negotiate better contracts or service plans with providers based on usage patterns revealed during the audit.

Additionally, you can implement cost-saving measures such as call routing and reduced long-distance charges.

Performance Optimization

Performing a phone audit unveils the current condition of your office phone system, shedding light on possible bottlenecks, shortcomings, or areas that need improvements. This thoroughly examines the software, hardware, network infrastructure and user practices.

The outcome of this phone assessment is a clear view of your call quality metrics, allowing you to identify issues that impact call performance, such as jitters, packet loss, and call drop rates.

As a result, your organization can take precise measures, including providing employees with suitable hardware and optimizing network infrastructure and bandwidth allocations, among other strategies, to rectify these issues and improve call performance. 

Technology Upgrades 

A comprehensive office phone system assessment is a valuable way to discover opportunities for technology upgrades. This audit allows you to compare your current technology with the latest advancements. 

By evaluating your phone system, you can identify potential enhancements. For example, you may discover that your phone lacks features like advanced call routing, voicemail-to-email integration, or video conferencing capabilities, which can improve communication efficiency. Sometimes, this requires upgrading your phone hardware, but other times, a software update and some user training are all you need!

An audit keeps you informed about new technologies, ensuring your organization remains competitive and up to date-in today’s rapidly changing communication technology landscape. 

Security & Compliance

Conducting a phone audit is a strategic step towards fortifying security measures and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Potential security vulnerabilities within the phone system, such as weak user authentication protocols and inadequate call encryption, are revealed during the assessment.

By recognizing these weaknesses, you can take proactive measures to bolster security, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Furthermore, this audit reveals any non-compliance issues promptly, avoiding possible legal consequences and reputational damage. An assessment helps to create a robust and secure communication environment, which is essential for your organization.

User Adoption & Training

A phone assessment can reveal how your employees use their phones and create opportunities for training. During the audit, usability is evaluated, showing potential hurdles that may hinder the efficient use of the phone system.

By gaining insights into these challenges, you can design tailored training initiatives to address specific user needs. This ensures that employees are optimally using their phone system.

Furthermore, this audit may uncover hidden or unutilized features within the phone system. You can then create training programs highlighting these untapped functionalities to enhance their communication, empowering them to maximize the full capacity of the phone system, resulting in more seamless and productive communication practices.

Integration with Other Systems

A phone assessment can play a role in identifying opportunities to enhance and streamline interactions with complementary technologies. During the audit, you may discover areas where your phone system doesn’t pair perfectly with other essential tools like CRM software or collaboration platforms, causing problems with data sharing, workflows, and communication.

By proactively recognizing these integration hurdles, you can gain insight into implementing solutions such as unified communication. Unified communication solutions are centralized single platforms integrating various tools and communication channels. This integration brings numerous advantages, including seamless data integration, real-time communication capabilities, reduced downtime, and an improved customer experience.

When Should You Schedule a Phone Assessment?

The timing for evaluating your office phone system can vary based on your organization’s needs, resources, and the nature of your business. Regardless of these factors, it is best to regularly schedule an audit to ensure that your communication system remains up-to-date and aligns with your business goals. Many organizations assess their phone systems on an annual or biennial basis. 

In addition to a regular schedule, here are other occasions when it’s essential to conduct a phone assessment:

  1. If you plan to upgrade your phone system or transition to a new platform, a phone assessment will help you make an informed decision.
  2. If your organization is experiencing rapid growth or changes in its operation, an assessment will ensure scalability.
  3. If you are experiencing frequent phone system issues like dropped calls or call lagging, you need an immediate assessment.
  4. If your employees are reporting issues and inefficiencies with their phone system.
  5. If you are moving or renovating your office.
  6. If your phone system or its components are nearing the end of its manufacturer or service provider warranties.
  7. If your phone system is 5+ years old.

Technology and customer behaviours evolve quickly. Did you use your business phone more or less than five years ago? Do you use it in the same way? Do your customers? 

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