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Haworth Soji Task Chair Review

Looking for a comfortable but straightforward task chair? The Soji Task Chair by Haworth is built with thoughtful design and informed ergonomics. A simple but highly adjustable addition to the Haworth task chair line, the Soji bridges comfort and utility.

Task chairs are an essential component of any office, and it’s important for you to choose the right one. This is an unbiased review of third-party information about the Haworth Soji task chair meant to arm you with the knowledge to make your own best decision.  

We’ve combined user reviews, third-party information and product information to bring you this Soji task chair review.  Check out the rest of our task chair review series if you want to compare the Soji to other leading task chairs!


The Soji falls comfortably into the Haworth line in terms of size and design. With a seat at 28 inches wide and 27 inches deep, it’s designed to accommodate a wide range of users and body types. At 44 inches tall, the Haworth Soji chair can support up to 275 pounds of weight.

However, where the Soji shines is its adjustment capabilities. Although all Haworth chairs are highly adjustable, the Soji outstrips them in its ability to promote comfort and well-being.

Like other Haworth task chairs, the Soji meets numerous certifications for low emissions and sustainable practices. Additionally, it exceeds all ergonomic guidelines and standards set by the American National Standard for Office Furnishings.

Key Features

The Soji is meant to bring your mind and body into sync – it focuses much more on helping you achieve ergonomic posture than other task chairs. The Soji also brings:

  • Intelligent synchro-tilt to provide tension control in a reclined posture
  • Multiple arm options which include fixed, height-adjustable, 4D and armless options
  • Back lock to prevent reclining
  • Increased lumbar support to improve the natural curvature of the spine.

In other words, the critical feature of the Haworth Soji is that it is meant to sculpt itself to your body in a way that you allows you to focus on work, not finding the most comfortable position.

Haworth Soji Task Chair

Pros and Cons of the Soji

The primary advantage users note about the Soji is that it offers more ergonomic features and support than other task chairs of its class.

Another commonly mentioned feature is the degree to which it can be customized in colour and finish. Haworth currently offers eleven different colours, three different trim colours, and two base options.

Haworth has chosen to offer this plethora of colour choices rather than use more premium materials such as leather, to help keep the Soji within its mid-market price point. You can upgrade to leather or faux leather for the seat, but at that point, your price will start to increase significantly.

Many reviewers have noted that it’s one of the few BIFMA G1-2013 compliant and GREENGUARD certified task chairs in the price range at which it’s offered. This allows businesses to invest in ergonomic support features without necessarily breaking the bank.

Possible Drawbacks

The Soji has been on the market since mid-2018, and virtually no significant complaints or negative reviews have surfaced as of this article’s writing.

However, one possible area for concern includes the amount to which the Soji can be adjusted for a specific person. The high degree of adjustability may mean that the Soji is not the best chair for shared workspaces, as each user will find themselves readjusting each seat. 

Likewise, Haworth offers many light-coloured options for the Soji task chair. This may present the potential for stains or smudges to occur after heavy use.

A Balanced Soji Task Chair Review

The Soji task chair is one of the newest task chairs to join the ever-expanding line of modern office equipment. This task chair overcomes many of the challenges typically associated with more affordable chairs through a union of design and functionality.

While not perfect for every office, the Soji is making a great first impression in the task seating industry.

Soji Tutorials and Resources

Want to learn a little more about the Soji?  Haworth put together a great pdf brochure with all the features.

Do you prefer watching over reading? They also created this great video on the Soji benefits!

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